sTar Opener

Simple & Fast Free File Opener - Open Hundreds of File Formats Tiny yet flexible file utility, sTar Opener opens many types of file archives instantly, including TAR, ZIP, RAR and many others. Lightning fast, sTar Opener is a lightweight app that does what you need without complicated features. This means it takes almost no space on your computer, and works very quickly. Anyone can use sTar Opener. The interface was simplified so that you don’t need a PC nerd to help you open a file. A single button tap will take care of opening or packing files. And in most cases you don’t need to do even that: just double-click on the file you want to open and sTar Opener springs into action. sTar Opener is designed by the team at Tiny Openers, who have been working on file utilities for years. Get this fresh and free app now and take care of your files.


  • Opens hundreds of file formats, including TAR, RAR, ZIP, 7Z, LHZ, LHA, GZ, GZIP and many others
  • This lightweight app works quickly and is easy to understand
  • Small in size, it won’t clog your computer
  • Always free and designed for Windows

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13 August 2015

It wouldn't let me open the one file I needed. Instead it opened in STAR Opener ALL of my download files which is now really a mess. Now, I can't seem to uninstall it!!!! Very frustrating experience!!!


4 August 2015

Very Good.


28 July 2015

This is the biggest waste of time and there are about 4 apps that look different, but are exactly the same and they do absolutely nothing. Try to open and it does nothing. Says extracting, then it disappears. Shouldn't be this hard. Does anybody have a program that will unzip .bak files that works?


22 July 2015

I its good