StarFighter Omega

Press LAUNCH and the action begins: swarms of enemies appear faster than you can shoot them out of the sky. Tilt and your fighter banks and flips. Tap and fire lasers, missiles, and bombs. StarFighter Omega is a first-person shooter in space. It's you and your starfighter against thousands of enemy ships and increasingly difficult enemies and bosses. Take on the Specialized Tactical AI Replicator (STAR) system, the corrupted brain behind the attacking enemy ships known as NCFs (Network Controlled Fighters). An intelligent, self-replicating force, they were designed to defend humans, but when STAR turned bad, the NCFs became humanity's worst nightmare. But you and your starfighter are one. You lean and it banks, you think and it acts, an extension of your will. The enemy has numbers and even speed, but you're armed for bear--or bugs as the case may be--and armored as well. Blast through NCF swarms in a chaotic rain of laser fire and a hail of debris. Collect increasingly powerful weapons and ship upgrades. Defeat the four enemy queens and drive the NCFs out of alliance space. Complete missions to earn warp fuel and unlock warp travel to new areas. Locate enemy queens and destroy them to halt NCF production and save the alliance and humankind. StarFighter Omega for UltraBook with Tilt control. The galaxy is infested, and you're the exterminator. Get to work.


  • Explosive arcade-style action as you fight wave after wave of enemy swarms
  • Blast them with lasers, missiles, and bombs and fill the sky with destruction
  • Tilt-enabled: fly by tilting your tablet or UltraBook
  • Touch and accelerometer enabled to take full advantage of your machine
  • In-app purchasing lets you upgrade your ship any time

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18 March 2015

Doesn't scale to fit the monitor's resolution. After fiddling around the screen, I could get it to go. Graphics are nice and smooth, and tilt control is nice, but the scale problem is a deal breaker. Surface Pro 3


25 September 2014

well you do the same thing over and over so it gets kind of boring


16 June 2014

good game and very interesting


27 March 2014

Loaded this app, tried to run and just went back to the desktop. Would give it NO STARS, but alas they don't let you do that. Have tried three times.


9 March 2014

I have the same problem as Lou, below. The game crashes at the splash screen on my asus eee slate. Please fix it. Thank you. Update: On my Surface Pro 2, the game doesn't display full-screen; instead, the entire thing is condensed to the upper left-hand corner of my screen. However, it displays fine when I use my flat screen TV as a monitor. My Surface's resolution is at 1080p, but I set my TV/monitor's resolution at 1050p. I haven't tried running the Surface's display at 1050p, as I am not sure things will fit properly on the display if I do that. Also, I am not sure if the difference in resolution is what truly accounts for the difference in behavior. Now that I've finally gotten the chance to play this game, I am really disappointed that a fix hasn't come out yet for this bug.


11 January 2014

It didn't work on my Lenovo Yoga Pro 2.


31 December 2013

App crashes at startup on my ExoPC Tablet


10 December 2013

Ditto, :


5 December 2013

I love this game.Thank you.


10 November 2013

This game is a little repetitive but has good control. The Ai needs to be better considering they always want to fly in front of you.

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