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    • You can now listen to your personalized StopJetLag Trip Notes in the StopJetLag app. • StopJetLag has been updated for Windows 10 • Use the ‘Learn More’ section of the app and the Quick Start tab to view videos about how to take advantage of the StopJetLag app. It is important that your StopJetLag recommendations reflect the ideal timing for the major influences on your body clock. However, a few additional notes made by the StopJetLag team explain some of the minor adjustments that help accommodate the specifics of your trip. • Refined jet lag advice. • "Finally, an All-Natural Solution to Jet Lag That Actually Works" Linda Wells - New York Magazine: The CUT • "However, the best app by a million (air) miles and fully worth the effort was StopJetLag." Clare Vooght - iNews


Do You Want to Stop Jet Lag on Your Next Trip? Purchase a customized Stop Jet Lag plan at StopJetLag.com, download the free StopJetLag app and then access your customized StopJetLag Plan information including the explanatory Trip Notes on your mobile device. The StopJetLag Mobile puts scientifically researched jet lag advice, created by a jet lag travel specialist, at your fingertips. Your StopJetLag recommendations are based on the integration of your specific flight times, your personal profile and the times that scientific research has shown to be both safe and effective in helping you rapidly adjust to the time zone at your destination. ---------------------------------------- REAL SIMPLE AND TRAVEL+LEISURE PRESENT TRAVEL PREP 101 Sanity-saving preflight checklist "Whatever your final destination may be, here’s what you can do before you board the plane to make that trip more seamless. SYNC UP WITH THE TIME ZONE. Jettison jet lag by following the personalized schedule for your itinerary at StopJetLag.com. You’ll get an hour-by-hour plan that includes when to eat, rest, exercise, and get sun exposure so you’ll be right in step with your destination’s local time." ---------------------------------------- Katie's Travel Toolkit "How To Avoid Travel Mistakes - Jet Lag" featured StopJetLag with Katie Couric and Sarah Spagnolo from Travel+Leisure. "There's a great service called StopJetLag.com. They'll actually create a custom plan just for you and take into account your exact itinerary." ---------------------------------------- Travel+Leisure's "100 Ways to Travel Better" includes the BEAT JET LAG with Stop Jet Lag tip from news team. "Hidden fees, endless security lines, jet lag, middle seats - think they're the necessary evils of travel? Think again. Travel+Leisure's news team has culled out best tips and tricks to bring you the definitive cheat sheet for smoother, smarter, stress-free trips. GETTING THERE: BEAT JET LAG The trick is to get on the right schedule while in transit. Sign up for a personalized plan with the website StopJetLag which will give you an hour-by-hour schedule for meals, rest time and even sunlight exposure, based on your travel itinerary." ---------------------------------------- ---- Benefits of using StopJetLag on your trip • Quickly adjust to the time zone at your destination using reminders that mitigate jet lag such as bright light exposure, food, sleep, exercise and optional melatonin supplements. • StopJetLag considers your specific flight schedule, multi-stops and connections in relationship to your normal daily routines. • Helpful explanations discussing your specific trip are available at your fingertips with your StopJetLag trip notes. • Easily access your customized Stop Jet Lag plan on your mobile device. • After you download your Stop Jet Lag plan to your StopJetLag app, you'll receive easy to follow activity notifications for timing the major jet lag influences on your trip, even on flights without Internet access. There are no roaming charges. • Minimize sleep deprivation by understanding the optimal moment to switch to destination time. • StopJetLag highlights your flight departures and arrivals to make them more visible on your mobile device. It’s essential to know when any of your flights occur in your StopJetLag plan since all of your jet lag advice is geared to making sure you are awake whenever it is time to catch your flight. ---- Recent Press Reviews • "Finally, an All-Natural Solution to Jet Lag That Actually Works" Linda Wells - New York Magazine: The CUT • “Jettison jet lag with StopJetLag" Travel Prep 101: REAL SIMPLE Magazine • "However, the best app by a million (air) miles and fully worth the effort was StopJetLag. Having my choices ruled by an app for a few days was entirely worth it to trick my body into acclimatizing to a new timezone quicker." Clare Vooght - iNews Find out more at stopjetlag.com


  • Travel Without Jet Lag
  • Adjust Quickly to New Time Zones
  • Enhanced Flight Visibility
  • Current jet lag advice Live Tiles
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14 March 2013

I've used this app a few times on Windows Phone and Windows 8. It's done wonders to help me control how alert I am when I land. Some good general jetlag advice included as well. Nicely done.


27 October 2012

Cons: It's a bad sign when the "Quick Start" page takes a full minute to load, and then another 45 seconds to show everything on the page. The menu buttons at the bottom of the page don't actually cause any action on the screen when you tap on them, so that's a bit of a problem. Pros: Seems like a useful app, it's too bad it doesn't work.


1 October 2012

But delivers nothing until you pay...


18 September 2012

This application helps travelers suffer less from the natural pains of cross-time zone travel. It prescribes what you need to be doing throughout the day, tailored to your specific trip details. Almost like a dot-to-dot, a brutal trip can be transformed into a pleasant experience by following its tips. My metabolism and my brain thank you.