Stopwatch One

Lucky Stopwatch is the most professional and beautiful stopwatch in the Store. Do not miss a perfect companion for sports and other activities! Lucky Stopwatch turns your surface into a precise stopwatch. So, whenever you need a professional stopwatch for sport activities like: sprints, jogging, or daily life uses of timer such as: egg timer, tea timer, cooking, alarm clock, etc. , this tool is a must have in your hand.


  • Lap time, split time.
  • Show current lap.
  • Export times by email.
  • Track laps & time laps.

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23 March 2013

Thank you for your feedback. No lost. When you run app in snap view and rotate surface from Landscape to Portrait and to Landscape. This app didn't load snap view, it loaded landscape. You must drag and drop again to transfer to snap view it'll show data. We understand this is not convenient. We have just fixed this issues. Thank you and we hope you like it.


18 March 2013

It's a cute app. But I can't have my time lost!


25 February 2013

It's really easy to use and has a great layout. It does what it says on the tin great app.


23 February 2013

I've been using thus program for the past couple of weeks & it works great. You can leave it running in the background while you do voice recording or other applications. It support store data and send results through email. It's great.