Study JLPT N5

★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level N5 Vocabulary Builder ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ++For Beginners of Japanese++ ALL words AND example sentences have sound recorded by a native speaker. While this is specifically designed to cover all the vocabulary needed to pass Level N5 (the easiest) of the JLPT, it is certainly suitable for any beginner / upper beginner wishing to boost his or her vocabulary skills. The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is the most popular standardized test for measuring Japanese language ability. It is held once a year (December) in most countries and twice a year in Asia. This app covers all the vocabulary you will need to pass level N5, beginner level. This APP's SPECS: * Covers 700+ Important Beginner Vocabulary Words (all words for the JLPT level N5) * EVERY word also has a useful example sentence (another 700+ sound files) * Both the words and the example sentences have sound files recorded by a native speaker (almost 1500!) * Many entries have helpful cultural or linguistic notes to aid learning and understanding * Search any word Japanese, romaji, or English * Spaced Repetition - Mark a word or phrase as Mastered, Familiar, or Unfamiliar to affect how often it appears again * Random Function * Lessons section which lists all Vocabulary and Example sentences together (next update will add sounds) for a quick glance * Favorite words or sentences to your Study Bank * Email any word or sentence or your entire Study Bank word list * Use the flashcard function to study * Use the Quiz function to test what you've learned * Listen while the native speaker says the word/phrase and then choose the correct English translation As with any of our other apps, we welcome any suggestions for improvements. Our toll free number and email contact information is found on the support site. Doumo Arigatou Gozaimasu! --


  • 1,400+ crystal clear audio recordings
  • Interactive multiple choice quizzes
  • Spaced repetition sorting optimized for memory retention
  • Study Bank - 'favorite' any phrase to study or email to you later
  • Windows-integrated search - quickly find any word or phrase in the app
  • Works offline - even without a network connection
  • Free trial with access to hundreds of phrases
  • Optimized for widescreen and snapped view

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10 July 2015

Excellent JLPT vocabulary study guide. Multiple ways to use; both visual and audio.


27 February 2015

This app offers a good place to start for beginning Japanese students. It offers easy study guides, quick tests and native pronunciation for all words and phrases. A very good intro at a reasonable price.


12 September 2014

This app seems like a great study tool/supplement for learning Japanese. It seems consistent with other materials I have seen, and allows for personalization. I'll definitely be upgrading to the paid version.


24 March 2014

This seems to be meshing well with my Japanese classes. So happy that I discovered this app and will be vetting the rest as I progress.


14 March 2014

great program


11 March 2014

I love it and it's really helpful for the test


7 February 2014

Good refresher for basic masters


26 January 2014

If you want to learn some new words and phrases in Japanese to help you start studying for the JLPT, N5 is a good app to start with. I hope that by the time I finish with N4 that N3 becomes available.


25 October 2013

I wanted to try this app out, because I think it would be really useful. Unfortunately, whenever I try to launch cards, it just crashes. It may be because I'm on the new Surface Pro 2 and it isn't compatible yet. I hope they fix it while I'm still on trial so I can see if I want to purchase it.


1 April 2013

nice app

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