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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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  • Notes:
    Version 1.2 is adds multiple alarms and 24-hour clock support, as well as a few minor enhancements and bug fixes. Enhancement: Multiple alarms support. Enhancement: 24-Hour clock support. Enhancement: Snooze length can be changed. Enhancement: The Off button is displayed in between Sunrise and Alarm. Enhancement: Night mode is remembered on Sunrise Skip or Snooze. Enhancement: 7 days of alarm notifications scheduled. Fixed: Daylight Saving Time support. Fixed: About page details updated. For a full change log, visit: http://www.nerdnot.com/Sunrise-Clock-and-Alarm/Change-Log

Sunrise Clock & Alarm

Sunrise Clock & Alarm is a night stand alarm clock that allows you to gently wake to beautiful sunrises by slowly increasing the display brightness and alarm volume.


  • NEW! Multiple alarm support.
  • NEW! 24-Hour clock support.
  • Set multiple one-time or recurring alarms.
  • Select the alarm sound, volume, and whether to use the sunrise feature.
  • Select the duration of the sunrise to wake you gently and the snooze length.
  • Select the image to display and music to play during the sunrise.
  • Set the clock size, brightness, color, and font.
  • Night mode for sleeping and Lamp mode for reading.
  • Live tile that displays next alarm day and time.
  • Snapped view support.
  • Toast notification if application is not running.
  • Watch for more features to come…
  • Notes:
  • W8 doesn’t allow apps to control the device brightness or sound, so be sure to check you system levels.
  • W8 does not allow apps to sound an alarm if the app is not running in the foreground. If the clock is not displayed you will receive a "Toast" message notifying you of your alarm.
  • Sunrise Clock & Alarm prevents your device from going to sleep so please plug it in.

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15 April 2014

Does not go off at sunrise. You would have to look up the sunrise time for your local and manually set it every night before you go to bed. Any alarm app can do that. Totally useless. False advertising, should be removed from MS store. This is not a sunrise alarm, just a poor simulation. STUPID!


7 April 2014

Wake up slowly and I don't get startled.


7 January 2014

why this need your music library, when it only uses it's own music?


4 January 2014

Very soothing and a change to the annoying ringing clocks I'm use to.


27 September 2013

I really like this app. It is easy to set up and I have used it for over a year and without fail it has worked every time. I only wish that I could assess my music library with it. Maybe someday soon they will update it so I can use my own music


29 August 2013

Every time the alarm goes off, it crashes my dell tablet while in the dock.


2 March 2013

I cannot get the trial version to work.


23 January 2013

I like this clock after 2 days. Still testing it


9 January 2013

Doesn't work when the lock screen is on


22 December 2012

The alarm activates, but is not heard if the app is not active. What's the point? Could it be a surface issue?

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