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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    Bug fixes and performance improvements in v.6.3.0 As always, looking forward to your reviews and feedback on the new features.

Sword vs Sword

The legendary era of knight tournaments has returned! Sword vs Sword is an exciting and dynamic online game that gives everyone the chance to experience the noble spirit of the Middle Ages! Earn your victory in honorable combat against a well-matched foe, which will be your first step to ultimate glory! Only the strongest warriors survive the arena! Banners flying family emblems, the cold touch of steel armor, a sturdy shield, and the hilt of a trusty sword... Romanticism and nobility, honor and bravery, victory and glory—the grandeur of the era of knights is now within your reach! Download Sword vs Sword, then select the armor and weapon of your choice. To achieve victory, make sure to choose firm armor and the keenest blade. Most important of all, however, is your intuition—the ability to guess your opponent's next move. Fortune favors the strong! Fortune favors the strongest! The bravest and most skilled foes will only be vanquished by a great warrior, whose arm strikes true, and whose mind is as sharp and lightning-quick as the tip of his sword. Mighty warriors will soon meet in the arena. Their steel swords will gleam in the sunlight, as the earth shakes under their heavy step. As the heralds announce the names of contenders, hundreds of knights will enter the tournament, ready to fight for the right to be called the best! Take the challenge, warrior. Onward! SWORD vs SWORD!


  • real time combat
  • unusual exciting gameplay with simple and intuitive controls
  • undertake a journey through many fascinating locations and accomplish some tasks, take part in Tournaments, defeat a Boss and got a Title for moving forward
  • equip your character from a wide selection of swords, shields and amor with different features and properties and strengthen it with skills
  • collect items and treasures
  • play with your Facebook friends or challenge other online players
  • chat is available for players communicating and challenging
  • create your own character and develop it throughout the game progress
  • leaderboards and achievements help you to evaluate and compare your progress against other players
  • delight in gorgeous 3D graphics in the spirit of medieval knight tournaments

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12 April 2016

This is a pretty good game, The mechanics are simple and yet effective.


20 March 2016

Great game!


18 January 2016

It's an alright game only been playing a few minutes but it seems fun.


9 January 2016

its free and good


1 January 2016

It is good playing this one for half an hour but need to wait until the ticket reload, so bored. but fun anyway.


25 December 2015

at first a coudnt find the game but now I got it is the best my opinion get it now!!!


9 December 2015

como se baja la nueva actualizacion


30 November 2015

The girls are so sexy and its awesome


29 November 2015

it is really fun awesome cool all rite


27 November 2015

This is a cool game

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