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  • Category: Games / Puzzle
  • Published by: Mexond ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    v1.8.13 - Fixed issues related to some users not receiving achievements. - Fixed issues with Facebook sharing. v1.8 - Major update! Among other things: - Xbox Live - Turn based multiplayer v1.7.9.23 - Fixed a crash bug that sometimes occurred when loading saved puzzles. v1.7.9.22 - Updated Facebook integration to comply with the latest Facebook agreement. v1.7.9.1 - Major update! Lots of new campaign maps and features. - Daily Challenges - New free campaign planet that is unlocked by doing social actions. - Improved performance for users with ads. v1.7.7.16 -Fixed a scaling issue on the new help screens for high dpi devices v1.7.7 -Improved campaign help messages -Fixed incorrect help-text for bomb/flash/color blocks in campaign. 5 in a row -> 6 in a row. -Fixed save issue with locks and killer blocks. -Windows 8.1 split screen support v1.5.6 -More puzzles -New logo v1.5.5 -Some minor graphical improvements in the campaign menu. -Smaller memory footprint. v1.5.4 -Fixed a crash bug in time attack -Improved the winner screen v1.5.3 -Fixed a crash bug in campaign. -Fixed a graphical issue with the completed maps fireworks. -Added a "Contact us" button. v1.5.2 -Fixed a bug related to purchasing the new campaign pack. -Prices are now shown in the in-game purchase menu

T-Kara Puzzles

T-Kara Puzzles is a free, high quality match-4 puzzle game with unique gameplay and a lot of fun varieties. A "must try" for all the puzzle lovers.    T-Kara Puzzles is divided into three main categories, giving you:   CAMPAIGN:   A fun category with a lot of variation. Includes several intriguing game modes, with solvable puzzles and increasing difficulty.   SCORE MODE:  Comes in three varieties where survival is in the essence. Choose between "Direct hit", "Limited Moves" and "Time Attack". Survive as long as possible and gather scores by beating challenging obstacles.  PICTURE PUZZLE:  Relax and try to create the selected image by getting the blocks in the right place. You'll find several picture puzzles with increasing difficulty. This specific game mode is quite a challenge and takes some technique. Depending on your personality, you'll most likely either hate it or love it!  T-Kara Puzzles is the perfect game whenever you want to clear your mind or just pass some time. Great whenever you're on break, commute, or home being sick. When leaving a game mode, your progress will be saved and you can easily resume wherever you left. ADD-ON:   The free version is a complete game but if you want even more, this version of T-Kara has an in-app store where you can buy more picture puzzles and a new episode to the campaign. Buying an add-on will automatically remove all ads within the game.     IMPROVEMENTS:   If you have any feedback or suggestions on how to improve T-Kara, we'd love to hear it! E-mail: info@mexond.com


  • Multiplayer (turn-based battle)
  • Leaderboards
  • Achievements
  • Live tiles
  • Play in Landscape or Portrait view

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5 July 2016

good twist on your usual match 3 game.


7 December 2015

Love it!


29 October 2015

best game!


18 October 2015

Better than match 3. Trying to get 4 in a row is challenging, but fun. I like the graphics, especially when you blow up the stars.


8 July 2015

It starts out easy then your hooked, it gets very interesting and you'll have a hard time stopping.


18 April 2015

Can sit and play for hours.


6 March 2015

quick, rapid-fire action. round goes quickly, must be sharp and do as many multiples as possible, especially with jewels.


26 February 2015

I highly recommend T-Kara to true puzzlers. I work at solving at least one T-Kara puzzle everyday. Very challenging... so focus, solve, or try again. The more you solve the greater the challenge. I love T-Kara!!


23 January 2015

I love the game very much


1 January 2015

Will not operate for me. using a laptop.

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