Tap The Numbers

Tap The Numbers - the best number game designed to train peripheral vision, memory, speed, agility and concentration. This game is based to help to improve the development of mental perception, including visual directional speed search movement. It is used to improve attention, self-control and the distribution ability to focus but to improve the stability of vision, discernment, directed search capabilities as well. The longer the practice, the shorter time needed to read the whole table. With in-depth practice, even the beginners can expand and accelerate reading and recognizing capability by vertical and horizontal expansion of vision. Good luck! ***HOW TO PLAY*** This is a true number game. You have board filled with numbers starting from 1 to 25 painted in colors. Tap numbers one by one as fast as you can! Comparing to other similar games numbers painted in different colors brings much more fun and results! Different colors trains peripheral vision and memory much better because each field is different. Check your results with your friend - find who is the best one!


  • Train peripheral vision by looking at whole field searching for a number
  • Train reaction by speeding up decisions you made - try to decide without actual thinking about it
  • Train speed and concentration by trying to beat the records you made!