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    Version 1.1: - Added "Save as tile on Start Screen" feature that lets you create shortcuts on the Start Screen to your favorite scripts. Clicking on a shortcut will immediately launch the corresponding script. - Added tutorials to show some examples of scripts that can be created with Task Robot. - New actions include: * Send an email (using the Windows 8 interface) * Mailing list: send a personalized email to multiple contacts * Search for something on the Windows Store * 6 new actions in the "branching (if...)" category, such as: "If X > Y then do something, otherwise do something else..." * "Double all quotes" text manipulation action * "Combine (join) multiple text into one" * Divided the "Ask the user for a number" action into two actions: one that is very simple, and the other that contains more options.

Task Robot

Task Robot Lets You Easily Automate Repetitive Tasks! Just tell Task Robot what you want it to do, and it will do it for you! This app uses innovative touch-optimized natural language technologies to let you create simple scripts, macros, and tasks workflows, without any programming knowledge at all!


  • Scripting for the rest of us!
  • New "actions" are added on a regular basis (check frequently for updates!)
  • Examples of actions: send email, search the Store, manipulate text (make uppercase, find/replace, regular expressions, sort lines, count lines, double quotes...), download HTML source of web page...
  • Task Robot is your personal "agent": you tell him what you want him to do (by specifying a list of actions), then you click GO, and Task Robot will execute the actions for you! (in sequence)
  • Create macro-like apps, programs, and workflows without any programming knowledge at all! No development skills are needed.
  • Create shortcuts on the Start Screen to your favorite scripts! (click "Save as tile on Start Screen")
  • See full examples of scripts by clicking the "Tutorials" button in the bottom-left corner of the screen. New examples are added on a regular basis.
  • Mailing list feature lets you easily send personalized emails to multiple contacts at once

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21 January 2016



22 November 2012

Good job with the concept and execution of a few task types. Obviously needs more actions (which the app itself indicates are coming soon). Also can be buggy...will download HTML one time and throw a URI too long error for the exact same page the next time.


25 September 2012

It's pretty interesting to use this app as an entertaining tool to pass time rather than a real assistance. It can be quite annoying sometimes especially for the interactive part. I hope its intelligence, convenience, functionality will be improved soon!


23 September 2012

while installing I thought it will be quite useful, but it needs more features to be added.


11 September 2012



1 September 2012

It feels more like a preview of an app rather than anything useful. I look forward to seeing a lot more options added. I would also like to see the background design removed. The chalkboard gives it a really bad 2001 feel. "Lets make it look like its a real chalkboard were writing the instructions on ... neat right?" Not so much. Loose that and just have a nice clean white / light grey background with a good sans serif font. I think a consistent style to windows apps would be a better experience


30 August 2012

Let's add a few more actions...


29 August 2012

This is a really clever idea for an app - but the features it promises (submit a tweet, send an e-mail, etc) - really need to be there for this to be useful. This is like the www.ifttt.com (if this, then that) website, except it runs on your computer - very cool idea, but the features aren't there just yet - hopefully they will be in the next release.


28 August 2012

Its just weird, and seemingly pointless. I was lured in by the concept, but the tasks you can chose from, while "updated frequently", are useless.


25 August 2012

I have used this app and I must say windows 8 style apps are doing great.........

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