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    In this update we've included many performance improvements and two new major features - support for Google Tasks and - support for Cloud backup and sync via our dedicated Cloud Services. By using the Telerik Cloud Service you will be able to sync all the data which you enter in Tasks with other machines. Windows Phone 8 devices will also be supported very soon.

Tasks by Telerik

We follow and provide answers to all feedback we receive. Please keep it coming! Any feedback is greatly appreciated and helps us shape our future development. Put an end to the chaos in your personal affairs with the Tasks app. It will become your best friend for planning, organizing and monitoring the progress of all your projects. Tasks implements and integrates very well with all Windows 8 components. Here’s what Tasks does for you: - Custom categories - Cloud sync and backup - Tasks features o Assign to project and category o Due date o Task priority o Task location using map control o Task recurrence - Every day - Every Weekday - Weekly - Monthly - Yearly o Use Email and Phone from your contact list o Insert URL o Attach photo to task o Attach voice memo o Attach location - Fast and fluid modern motion interface - Application settings allow custom functionality adjustments


  • Task reminders/notifications
  • Live Tiles
  • Recurrent Tasks
  • Sync between multiple devices (in-app purchase with 21 days free trial)
  • Cloud backup (in-app purchase with 21 days free trial)
  • Voice notes (in-app purchase with 21 days free trial)
  • Picture notes
  • Snap view support
  • Filtering and sorting
  • Search" and "Share" charm support
  • Option to synchronize with Microsoft Exchange Server and Office365 (in-app purchase with 21 days free trial)
  • Attach location info to any task (in-app purchase with 21 days free trial)
  • Option to synchronize with Google Tasks (in-app purchase with 21 days free trial)

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1 July 2015

I bought this so I could sync between my Surface Pro 3 and Windows Phone. I paid for their premium sync service, but every time I try to register with their proprietary sync service, I get an error. This is consistent across two Surface Pro 3s and two different Windows Phones. Requests for support have been completely ignored for weeks.


22 April 2015

Required purchasing multiple times if you want to use it on your PC and phone.


25 March 2015

This app could really get your life truly organized if it didn't keep on crashing every time. It makes it unreliable which is one quality an app like this can't afford to loose. Otherwise I did how it looks.


1 February 2015

I tried a million tasks list apps. most were lacking, had a dumb interface, didn't suit my need (sync to my windows phone), or were limited unless you paid. As for a free app, this one is great. Sub tasks would make it perfect. I would even pay for it.


28 January 2015

One rang, you can't delete all tasks, you have to always have one, so its kinda pointless to always be changing the title of it...


16 January 2015

Task by Telerik has potential to become a great task and project planning application, which is why I put up with the very poor support. My password no longer works and I paid for another subscription after no response to my several support request to Telerik (“YES” Telerik I have emails as proof). I receive constant sync error messages throughout the day and of course no response from Telerik support. There are not many Task applications for Windows that will sync to all windows devices, and Telerik has a potentially good application if they could resolve the sync issues and respond to support request. Telerik you can’t hide your head in the sand forever; eventually you’ll have to come up for air.


26 December 2014

It would be nice to have an option to have tasks reoccur every other week.


13 December 2014

When syncing with Google and tasks are pulled FROM Google, the due date of the task is off one day. Say if the due date is tomorrow, it'll show a due date of today. If the task is due the day after tomorrow, it'll show a due date of tomorrow. Please fix.


12 December 2014

this app is months away from being at the quality level required for limited public beta testing... opening a recurring app resets the recurrence to daily, syncing (with Telerik's servers) is buggy at best, creating duplicate tasks and categories on other devices... selecting to delete completed tasks immediately results in recurring task not recurring (just getting blown away)... if this app was ever tested by a QA department, it would never have been released, was looking for an alternate to the task bugs in Outlook & Outlook.com... Telerik's tasks is a miniscule subset of the Outlook offering, and makes Outlook's bugs seem insignificant... whoever worked on this has no business authoring software for use by other people


7 December 2014

Error says server down @ telerik. Tried reinstalling, same error. Moving on. Sorry

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