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    This update include a number of bug fixes and feature improvements, including: * Improved connectivity to Exchange servers, resolving a number of "can't connect" issues * Added Google Tasks support. Use your GMail account with TaskTask * View filtering options * Better handling of time zones

TaskTask HD

TaskTask HD is a simple and powerful task management system for your Windows 8 device. TaskTask HD connects to most Microsoft Exchange Servers to keep your tasks in sync between your device and Outlook with ease. Using TaskTask HD, you can manage your to do list, including creating tasks, setting start/due dates, marking tasks complete, assigning categories, changing importance, setting and receiving reminders, and of course deleting tasks. To work with TaskTask, your email account must be hosted on a Microsoft Exchange server. TaskTask HD is not compatible with Gmail, Comcast, AOL, or other non-Exchange e-mail accounts. Designed for Windows 8 TaskTask HD has been designed specifically for Microsoft Windows 8. Grown up from the Windows Phone and iOS versions, TaskTask HD now features a clean modern interface and even more commands right at your fingertips. Why use TaskTask HD for your tasks? - See your task list how you prefer: organize by start date, due date, category, importance, or reminder date. - Reorder your tasks just by dragging them around - Full category support, including downloading your list of categories and colors from Exchange 2010 - See tasks in the same order as Outlook's To Do Bar - Task filters: filter out tasks in the future or tasks you don't want to see on your mobile device - Flagged mail items: See the full list of items from your To Do Bar, not just tasks - Quick Task Entry: Type a list of task subjects quickly in one space, and TaskTask automatically creates the set of tasks - Mark tasks as private: Hide tasks from others who have visibility to your task list Note: To synchronize your tasks with Outlook, your e-mail account must be on a compatible Microsoft Exchange Server. Exchange versions 2003, 2007, or 2010 versions are supported, although there may be additional factors that prevent TaskTask from working with your server. There are specific requirements for your server, which are detailed on our website. Before you purchase TaskTask, please verify with your e-mail administrator that your server meets these requirements.


  • Simple interface, quickly create new tasks and mark tasks completed
  • Set task attributes, such as category, importance, start/due/complete dates, and notes
  • Synchronize your task list with your Exchange 2003 or later e-mail account (no hidden fees or software to download)
  • Quickly mark a task complete from anywhere
  • Easy set up with automatic configuration of your Exchange account in most cases
  • Arrange your tasks any way you want: easily drag them around each other or between days
  • Create and complete recurring/repeating tasks
  • Synchronize flagged mail items

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24 August 2015

This app does a pretty good job of syncing to my student Microsoft exchange account. There's nothing fancy here, but it gets the job done without any clutter.


21 February 2015

C'mon guys a Microsoft tablet that does not have an exchange task manager? Even my iphone has exchange task manager! This program does not work with exchange no matter what they claim don't waste your money!! Refund Please!!!!!


29 November 2014

As far as I can tell, this is the only task manager that properly syncs with MS enterprise servers. I entered the same exchanger server account info as my email account and it worked. Use filters to see only active tasks. I would like a live tile, otherwise a four star until that feature is implemented.


21 August 2014

This app works great for the ipad/iphone but the windows app sort options are not working properly. It is also not syncing properly and is showing outdated Info.... would be a great tool with these programming errors corrected for windows


14 August 2014

This is by far the best task app out there for users of Outlook. I use it for the iPhone, iPad and now Surface.


4 June 2014

I was under the impression this app would sync with Outlook.com when I bought it, but it does not seem to. Also having trouble finding how to contact the developer to get this question addressed. Buy with caution if this is your goal.


10 March 2014

Purchased, but unable to configure correctly for our Exchange 2010 environment. It seems it's autodiscover or bust with this one. Disappointing.


1 March 2014

Works great as long as you keep under some (unknown) number of tasks. Once you get above this it'll crash every time it syncs. That's kind of annoying, but archiving tasks is a small price to pay for a task editor that actually works.


20 January 2014

No frills or hassle. Does what it was designed to do. Love how it can sync with Office 365 tasks on Outlook. Met my needs.


12 January 2014

I wish I could give this application a review but it locks up on the start screen and then crashes... Great job guys. Im just glad it was in trial mode.

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