Teaching Panda

Proven effective and engaging Mandarin learning tool for both children and adult Chinese language enthusiasts! Are you interested in improving your business interactions with one the most powerful markets in the world? Do you want to expose your children to the potential of mastering a new language? Teaching Panda Windows 8 provides an engaging and effective way to familiarize yourself with the melody of Chinese and build vocabulary intuitively. All Teaching Panda ebooks feature English/Mandarin side-by-side narratives with pingyin(phonetic mandarin) and vocabulary, plus beautiful illustrations that help your learning experience to be enjoyable and fun!


  • Complimentary access to "Three Little Pigs" upon apps download!
  • Access to the Teaching Panda Facebook Community page by clicking "News" on application menu.
  • 1.49 to access additional books when you are ready!

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3 September 2013

This is good for learning PinYin. One suggestion though. I thought Pinyin texts were clickable because it looks like blue links. I think it would be nice if the App pronounce the Pinyin as well. One can learn to pronounce the words without knowing Pinyin, and one can learn Pinyin from the pronunciations! :)