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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    The Windows 10 version has more features and more reliable then this Windows 8.1. Please update you Windows to 10. Thank you, TDI team

Technical Drawings & Illustrations

TDI is a modern productivity application to create technical drawings and illustrations using a desktop, laptop, tablet, phones and wall computers. The user interface allow you to use any input combination of touch, keyboard, mouse and stylus. You can use for free the fundamental tools for drawings, enabling you to create and edit lines, arcs, circles, rectangles and polygons. Also to add texts, images and linear dimensions to complete your project. Use interactive handles to dynamically change or position the geometry, or enter true coordinates in your favorite unit of measure. A set of specialized Add-ons offers additional drawing and design productivity tools for your school, home or office projects. Pick the Add-on you need and only when you need it. The "Drafting 1" add-on is designed for serious draftsman. It allow you to create a professional looking technical drawing using a variety of dimensions, callouts, fillets, chamfers, hatch fills for sections, layers, groups, borders and title blocks. The groups enable you to organize your drawing as an assembly and keep you working on any part in isolation to maximize your productivity. The "Illustration 1" add-on include splines, solid fill, gradient fills, texture fills and other tools. The "Architecture 1" add-on includes true walls, windows, doors, stairs and specialized symbols for architecture. Drawing office layout, home floor plans is going to be a snap. The "Scripting 1" add-on brings JavaScript language scripting inside TDI. You can create parametric drawings or symbols. The Add-ons are just $0.99 USD per year. Or a permanent license for all the add-ons is $9.99 one time fee.


  • 2D CAD: all you need to create a technical drawing
  • True architectural drawing objects: Walls, Windows, Doors, Stairs ...
  • Modular: pick the add-on features you need
  • Illustration drawing tools - true spline with cubic bezier, find fill area automatically
  • Scripting - Create Drawings and Symbols using JavaScript
  • Designed for display from 7 to 84 inches
  • Designed for Touch, Pen, Mouse or Keyboard
  • Full Windows 10 integration including: Print, Share, Tiles, OneDrive and Roaming Settings

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5 April 2016

You have to pay to group items. :(


23 October 2015

No obvious way to print or share the work you do. Tools are relatively simple to use and fairly effective for simple drawings.


4 October 2015

Super easy to use,and fun..


1 September 2015

I cannot select some items in the drawing. I draw a line, and then cannot select it. Sometimes I can, select a line, but I cannot fathom what allows or disallows it. Also, the snap to and grid is confusing at best. It appears to be close to useful, but at this stage, I cannot do anything. Maybe its me. Also, in the tutorial, it states the zoom is always active. It isn't when drawing lines. And, since there is no grid scale on the screen, you have to guess distances until something is drawn. As I cannot edit (select items) I can't draw reference lines. Also it crashes quite a bit and once killed the OS.


7 August 2015

this program creates very poor quality work without purchasing all the possible add ons and even then it is only fair. Pick points are rarely generated at the location of the object being modified making it very difficult to do any real edit other than coordinate based. The final failure is the constant crashing of the main screen causing me to restart the program.


1 July 2015

Its a great app for basic drawing, some features are needed, and a way to work without internet would be the best thing now


30 June 2015

Overall, a very nice app. Only problems are that it sometimes lags a lot and I have to close the whole app and restart it. Also, it sometimes randomly shuts down, so I am forced to save my work after everything I do.


28 June 2015

Was kinda tough figuring out scaling but once I did it works very well. Not very friendly with windows 8 though. Likes to jump between my app homepage and the app itself.


18 June 2015

Probably the best beta app I have ever used. Easy to learn, to use very intuitive. All the things I want a cad program to do. thank you for providing this.


16 June 2015

downloaded fast, but won't open.

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