Temple Horse Run - Crazy Ghost Chase Brave Rider

The ancient temple just outside the city holds a secret diamond. To ensure the safety of the city you need to bring that diamondback. The gameplay starts as an endless runner in this horse run simulator game. You have to break into the temple and get that diamond. The ultimate run begins when you run to escape the temple but a ghost monster is awakened and the chase begins. There is no way to go but run in this 3d endless run away simulator. Your horse has gone wild and running over hurdles. The ghost is also a horse rider and is chasing you in this 3d temple horse run simulation game. This is never ending adventure with the path filled with jewels, diamonds, power-ups, obstacles and hurdles. Keep collecting the diamonds along the running path. Be the hero to survive the ghost attack in this endless run. Rush onto the grump path and escape the temple. Challenging game play won’t be an easy task for you. A horse rider ghost chasing you with his heavy hammer is a scary scene. The path is full of sharp razor like hurdles, skeletons, grumpy rocks and many others. Amazing boost ups, diamonds & jewels will help your survive along. Interactivity of the environment, sound effect and game-play is even more interesting to witness. The perfect skills of horse riding simulator in arcade style run will help you ride your wild horse to survive against the ghost run.


  • Endless Horse Run
  • Swipe to Move & Jump
  • Power ups, Coins, Score Multipliers etc
  • Escape the Temple with your Horse
  • 3D Environment, Interactive Sounds & HD Graphics

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24 July 2016



23 July 2016

He chases you, you fall then he hits you with a hammer BORING!!!!!!!


5 July 2016

when you die a guy hits you with a sledge hammer!!!! WHO DOES THAT!!!! OF CORSE THAT MAN IS A CRAZY MURDERER OR JUST PLAIN CRAZY.


12 June 2016

awesome my little cosen loves it


6 June 2016

Great game


5 June 2016

gets boring after a wile its pretty dome actaly I not recamend it


21 May 2016

It is amazing


10 May 2016



7 May 2016

This game is awesome I mean I got this for my little 6 year old sister and I steel it from her when she's not looking shhhh I never said that XD


4 April 2016

huge problems it doesn't want to let me be alive

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