Tennis 3D

Play the most realistic game of Tennis now available in 3D. This game puts you directly in the Tennis court for real action from the opposite end. Tennis 3D sports game is packed with real life animations, effects and simulates the game excellently. The unique and fantastic controls along with awesome graphics and design makes this game a must have. This is absolutely simple for anyone to start with but really challenging to master the game. The incredible AI will keep you looking out for challenge in every ball hit on the court. You can surely master the game and the opponent moves will intelligent AI is what makes it very different from other games. _______Game Controls_______ Desktop/PC Control - Use mouse to hit the ball in any direction and score high points. Tablet Controls: - Swipe the ball to hit it any direction and score high points. Game Features: • COOL Game Modes (Pro-Fun, Exhibition, Challenges) • Awesome Game AI • 8 different CHALLENGERS (opponents) • Casual mode for extended FUN! • Choose from 2 COURTS (West Side Court & Staple Arena) • Upgrade to UNLOCK new Stadiums • Play U.K. Open & French Garrad Championship to WIN Trophies! So, what are you waiting for? Download the game for FREE & enjoy!!


  • Realistic graphics
  • 2 Differently themed Courts (West Side Court & Staple Arena)
  • Battle against Opponents in Challenge Mode
  • Select from 8 Awesome Avatars
  • Intelligent AI (Gets tougher with each Challengers)
  • Live tiles & charms views In-App Purchases
  • UK Open (Match of 5 sets)
  • French Garrad Championship (Match of 7 sets)
  • Play Daily & get FREE coins as Bonus!

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19 April 2016

The challenge is cool but the Pro-fun is frustrating. In challenge it's easy to control where you hit the ball but in Pro-fun you can't. This and their bowling game I would not recommend.


22 September 2015

it gliltches


23 June 2015

This app is cool but Carlos cheats


12 August 2014

Possibly the worst tennis game I have ever seen. Balls that land in the middle of the court are called out and balls that land within the lines are also called out.


11 August 2014

When the game is done it won't let you play can you please fix it!!!!!!! You have to unstill the game to play.


27 June 2014

really great app, but i can only play 1 game, after 1 game finished the challange bar reappear n i cant close it. plis fix it... if its a bug...


26 May 2014

I want to install this again pls.


22 May 2014

Fun game, but locks up in the middle of games and when you finally get it to resume, it has added to the score.


28 April 2014

This game does not work. I have had it on my computer now for several months and it freezes all the time. No updates for improvement?


18 April 2014

smooth fun , runs like the great is mac involved is the questions John

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