Terminator Combat 2015

Terminator commando shoots heavy tanks, F16 jets, apache helicopter shooters for survival in deserts. Attacking commando targets to escape warfare and battlefield. Terminator Combat 2015 is first person shooting game in which terminator carries heavy metal guns and unlimited ammo for successful objectives accomplishmen. 3D graphics and sounds effects in desert makes it amazing to play in warfare of battlefield. Terminator Combat 2015 is military action survival game. Engage attackers view in radar to explode them. Take your shots and targets and escape for survival. Be aware of bombardment do not lose sight stay focused. Retreat attackers to bring peace. Enemy is in formation in combat. This combat is brutal you must finish this conflict to bring peace. We have put a lot of action and heavy ammunition in game to bring you joy and entertainment. Battlefield is occupied with armed enemy soldiers heavily armored. You got company destroy enemy conveys with your turret machine gun. Bullets are heavy to damage enemy convoy. Don’t get injured. Game is featured with multiple challenging levels. Higher levels have increased difficulty. Start aiming survive desert combat. Military enemy targets in battlefield are difficult to take shots to win warfare. But you must use your ammunition for peace. Jump into desert combat warfare for shooting targets. Play direct fire take perfect shots to bring peace. Do not let escape. Use ammunition carefully during play. Destroy shoot all convoy. End this combat. Use ammunition in battlefield for peace. Take shots of convoy with direct fire. Terminator Combat 2015 aims to bring fun. Game is open direct fire. Tap screen and fire unlimited shots to win desert Warfield. Play it and enjoy. Leave us feedback for bring you more free games. Thank you. How to play this game Use swipe controls for aiming and shoot buttons for open fire Use mouse to aim and shoot


  • Heavy ammunition turret
  • Military convoy armour
  • Desert warfare battle
  • Multiple challenging levels
  • Realistic animations 3D graphics
  • Tactical trained desert targets

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13 July 2015

Such a nice gameplay.