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    Text-O-Matic 2.0 is a complete rewrite for Windows 10 devices with myriad UI refinements, optional advanced typographic features, hand-drawn effects, ink drawing layers, and more. Text-O-Matic 2.0 also introduces an ever-growing catalog of low-priced, professionally-designed, resources for your projects such as image backgrounds, clip art, and ready-to-use templates. Build - More fonts, fixes for IPB templates, editor refinements Build - Major fixes Build - Fixes an envelope text bug Build - Minor bug fixes Build - Minor bug fixes Build - Minor bug fixes


Using a mobile device? Be sure to check the System Requirements below to find out if your device is compatible. Text-O-Matic 2.0 is the premier typographic app for Windows 10 devices. Add text and artwork to photos. Use the powerful touch-friendly editor to create typographic art for everything from simple photo titles to gorgeous wedding invitations. With extensive controls for fonts, shapes and images, you can create beautiful designs. You can even draw and color, and layer your drawings into the design. Add optional advanced typographic features to curve and warp text, and even achieve a hand-drawn style. Text-O-Matic has editable examples to help you get going quickly, as well as an ever-growing catalog of low-priced professionally designed resources and templates.


  • Powerful touch or mouse-friendly graphic editor for creating layered art out of text, images, drawings, and symbols
  • Support Windows ink as drawing layers, and pressure-sensitive pens
  • Built-in editable example templates to jump start your next design
  • An ever-growing catalog of low-priced professionally created design resources and templates
  • 56 built-in typefaces, including hand-drawn fonts, in 200 variations
  • 21 new built-in image effects
  • Powerful color editor for creating new coordinated color palettes
  • Select colors from your project
  • Export PNG image files (that support transparency) at up to 300 DPI
  • Share your finished images on Facebook, Twitter, or upload your projects to OneDrive
  • New .TOMX file format to make managing and sharing your projects between devices or with friends easier
  • Print, pin to start, or set your lockscreen to one of your finished images
  • Support for Windows Mobile devices and Continuum
  • Built-in templates for creating Instant Photo Booth custom backgrounds and overlays
  • Floating editor can be minimized or easily moved away from where you are working
  • Create art with curved or warped text with the optional Advanced Typography Add-on
  • An ever-growing library of help articles, videos, and tutorials

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7 December 2015

I am impressed with this ap and love that you can use your own downloaded fonts. I do think that it could definatley use more images like the ap pic lab. if there were more features it would be perfect. 5 stars tho bc it is great.


12 July 2015

I like this app for creating small projects for our website and facebook.


22 May 2015

best software yet to add text and other stuff in the pictures. I just wished it had more fonts and the wheels are kind of annoying since they cover most of the page. but, the functionality is great. did what I wanted to do with it.


10 May 2015

Easy to use and very versatile. Only wish they would show mouse-over menus and show overall pixel sizes.


13 March 2015

This application is user-friendly and provides detailed tips and training for beginners to novice users. I would love to see light-bulb pop-ups to provide guidance in the future. Great application.


11 March 2015

The contact form gizmo-matic.com website was not working and has now been fixed! Please use the contact form on the gizmo-matic.com website to send your questions and comments about Text-O-Matic.


17 January 2015

A very good app for Windows 8. We need more good apps like this in the store.


16 January 2015

Perfect for creating incites or announcements on your phone or tablet. Great for amateur editors who don't have advanced editing software and experience.


31 December 2014

It's really helpful and fun to use


27 December 2014

There are only two additional features that would make this a 5-star application: 1) The ability to add shapes and 2) The ability to group layers and transform them all at once (resize and change colors would be a good start).

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