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The Bellingham Herald’s new app delivers real-time breaking news and content specifically formatted for your Windows 8 device. Stay on top of the latest developments in Bellingham with stories, blogs, photos and more.


  • Expert coverage of news, sports, and weather.
  • Investigative reporting and in-depth stories on local events, features, personality pieces, and entertainment news.
  • Local business and economic news.
  • Community news from Bellingham neighborhoods and surrounding counties.
  • Highlights include Nation, World and Political coverage, as well as the best journalism from McClatchy Newspapers.

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19 November 2013

Once you close an article it should take you back to where you were in the app and NOT back to the Homepage. Doesn't list Obituaries, which is about the only reason I read the B'ham Herald.


21 August 2013

I like the windows 8 feel it has. My only problem with it is after I read an article, and go back, it puts you back at the "front page". So then I have to go through all the articles to find out where I left off. Other than that it runs nice and smooth, no bugs!