The Grizzly

During the past thirty years I have had numerous experiences with the grizzly bear in various sections of his territory. In it I have camped alone and unarmed. I have trailed the grizzly without a gun. I have repeatedly been outwitted by him, but never has he attacked me. I have not found him ferocious, and I consider him in most respects the greatest animal on the North American continent, if not in the world. He excels in mental development and physical prowess, and he possesses the rare quality of loyalty. He is full of curiosity and is a born adventurer. The species impresses one with its superiority, and the individuality of each grizzly ever stands out. This valuable material accounts for years of work. The Grizzly, by Enos A Mills is packaged with an easy to use book reader. Once the app has been downloaded, you do not need an internet connection, so the book can be enjoyed anywhere. *********** Try Before You Buy **************** Download the trial version to read the first chapter of the book


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