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The News Tribune’s new app delivers real-time breaking news and content specifically formatted for your Windows 8 device. Stay on top of the latest developments in Tacoma, WA with stories, blogs, photos and more.


  • Expert coverage of news, sports, and weather.
  • Investigative reporting and in-depth stories on local events, features, personality pieces, and entertainment news.
  • Local business and economic news.
  • Community news from Tacoma, WA neighborhoods and surrounding counties
  • The Daily Magazine, special interest stories from our network of newspapers.
  • Highlights include Nation, World and Political coverage, as well as the best journalism from McClatchy Newspapers.

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30 July 2014

The layout of this app- news in tiles- is odd, but I was able to overlook that because of its good use of photographs. Pictures are usually large and quite good. All of that is for naught however because I've found this app will go days at a time without ever updating. I know the TNT is published daily, but this app is more like something from a weekly newspaper given how infrequently is sometimes updates. No amount of hitting "refresh" or starting and stopping the app seems to trigger updates. This is bad behavior for even a free news app and it really deserves just one star. I gave it two because the use of photos is really good (when it works).


25 July 2013

The News Tribune reader works with a mouse, but is really nice with a touch screen. I hope to see future updates with more options to customize, but even as is the interface is clean and smooth. I'd also love to see the Seattle papers follow TNT's lead and create Win8 apps.