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  • Published by: Maffelu ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    In this update I've added Achievements!

The panic grid

The Panic Grid is an ever changing grid of colored tiles. Every time the countdown ticks, some of the tiles change their color. Remove all tiles before the countdown hits zero. The game offers two playing modes; Standard and Random. Standard lets you play the pre-designed grids (the game comes with 50 pre-designed grids, more may come with future updates), whereas Random gives you random grids. You gain experience and levels by removing tiles and with higher levels you may gain better bonuses to aid you in your struggle to remove the tiles. The game is free and offers only one in-app purchase: the possibility to remove the ad-banner. There are no additional in-app purchases that you must buy to actually play the game. I don't like that :) The game now also includes achievements which might be gained and leveled. An achievement will be harder to get every time you get it and it levels up! I've set the suggested age limit to 7 because I think the game might be a bit creepy to younger children.


  • 50 pre-designed grids!
  • Unlimited random grids!
  • Gain experience and unlock bonuses and achievements!
  • Panic!
  • Fun!

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15 December 2013

The standard mode is a boring after a dozen or so runs and the random mode is pretty much impossible/uninteresting after two or three runs. You've got to give me a happy medium somewhere--give me a little more time in the random game to try and get as many of the tiles as I can.

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