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    Release 13: * Changed background * Some minor fixes Release 12: * New and better design * More Chemistry videos * Fixed some bugs Release 11: * Fixed a bug Release 10: * Improved the analysis * Fixed a bug Release 9: * Fixed an issue with the settings * More experiments * More analysis * Improved the search bar * Some other improvements Release 8: * Fixed an issue from the last update Release 7: * Added "back" button * Some improvements Release 6: * Added QUIZ Release 5: * Some improvements Release 4: *You can now watch videos to learn chemistry and how to do experiments! Release 3: * Now with different analysis! - Remember to choose Celsius or Fahrenheit in the settings menu from the appbar. * Added highlight button Release 2: * You can now search for the elements for easy access!

The Periodic Table - Chemistry

The Periodic Table - Chemistry offers all the 118 chemical elements in the periodic table with a nice design. You can use different analysis to categorize them just as you want! You can also click on each element and read everything you need to know! You can watch videos to learn chemistry and how to do experiments! Now also with quiz! Try it! The following analysis for categorizing the elements are: * Category * Boiling Point * Melting Point * Electronegativity * Radioactivity More analysis and updates are coming soon! Please let me know if there is something you want me to include in the next update. Contact me at: camerial1@hotmail.com


  • All the 118 chemical elements
  • You can use different analysis for categorizing the elements!
  • Every element has its own description with pictures
  • Search for the elements for easier and faster access or highlight them!
  • Watch videos to learn chemistry and how to do experiments!
  • Quiz!

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25 June 2014

its an awesome app.it defines the subject fully.if you are poor in chemistry,even a little just install it, it`ll help you very much


18 February 2013

Love the app! Finally a Periodic Table that has Groups & Periods plus an excellent legend! Just love it! It made my work faster and it is super accurate! And now it has a part to search for the element! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Get this app!