The SMH for Windows 8

Stay connected to real-time breaking news with The Sydney Morning Herald app, specifically formatted for your Windows 8 tablet. Get in-depth reports on the news that’s important to you and experience quality, independent journalism across local and international news, business and sports. Sports fans can also access the latest coverage from union, league, AFL and cricket, each with their own dedicated section. Plus get the most recent stories delivered directly to your desktop via the Windows Live Tile. Experience The Sydney Morning Herald like you never have before. Once downloaded, subscribe and enjoy unlimited access to every article at your fingertips, 24/7


  • Access a selection of articles picked by our Editors
  • Quality, independent journalism across a range of content
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  • News delivered directly to your desktop via the Live Tile

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1 January 2015

Nice to finally see a SMH app in the store. Pity it is fairly useless, not a patch on the ipad app or as comprehensive as the web page. It provides a summary of selected news articles, not all that is in the print version nor in a friendly manner such as the ipad app. Still showing the martin place siege as he lead story, 17 days after it finished. Some of the other news has been updated. Not a patch on the newspaper or apple app.


19 July 2014

This is basic and needs the sections that we know and love, GW, spectrum etc. Do that and it's 5 stars and a subscriber.