Get all your Toronto Star news in a great, readable format specially optimized for Windows8. Read stories from the Toronto Star journalists you trust and share the news using any of your Windows sharing charms like Facebook, Twitter and email. You'll also enjoy world-class multi-media including video and photo galleries. Sections include: -The latest news from Toronto, Canada and the world, with separate section on GTA only -Latest Sports stories -Latest Business stories -Living and Entertainment stories, as well as Opinion from Toronto Star columnists We're aiming to make our app as useful as possible, so after you've explored using this app, if you have suggestions, please send feedback to


  • Get the latest news from Toronto, Canada and the world
  • Browser Sports headlines including the popular blogs The Spin, Doug Smith’s Sports Blog and our Baseball Blog; Top business stories, Living and Entertainment stories, as well as Opinion

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16 June 2016

Does not work, even though I've checked settings, and backup.


5 November 2015

Not working for 2weeks. Does not update. Uninstalled and reinstalled and still will not update


5 April 2014

It's a small thing but it's very bothersome. Nearly every other Windows 8 app allows the wheel on a mouse pad to scroll the main page left and right. In this app you have to select the scroll bar at the bottom of the page. It would be great if conformed to the same standard as every other app. Otherwise this is a great app to get summaries from the Toronto Star.


21 April 2013

Great app


3 January 2013

scrolling with mouse wheel does not work correctly, fix please