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    v3.0.0.0 (23-September-2015) - Updated the application to an universal Windows 10 app. - Light live tile styles now also have background photo support. - Application is now showing matching icons in the notifications. - Added new wide tile based layout displaying the weather forecast. - Added new wide tile based layout with date, battery and weather. - Added setting to change the background brightness from 20 to 100. - Added setting to replace battery level with your location name. - Added setting to switch between vibrate/silent notifications. - Added setting to switch between Bing wallpaper resolution. - (PC) Lockscreen now also supports calendar information. - (PC) Battery status can now be loaded without AVTools. * Miscellaneous application improvements and fixes. * Please run the application after updating the app. v2.2.0.0 (6-April-2015) - Added new experimental weather information api. v2.1.3.0 (17-Februari-2015) - Added option to replace colon with dot on time. - Fixed TimeMe not working with some language packs. v2.1.2.0 (22-January-2015) - Added new setting to display AM or PM. - Added new settings beta user interface. - Added new digital lcd display clock font. v2.1.0.0 (10-January-2015) - Added complete new beta user interface. - Added two new medium analog live tiles. - Added new medium time only live tile. - Added download over Wi-Fi only option. - Added Bing's daily background information.

TimeMe Tile

TimeMe is a Windows live tile application which shows the current time, date, weather and optionally your current battery level all in one live tile, the app also contains a stopwatch, timer, world clock and sleepscreen mode. - This is an early alpha test release and things may not always work properly, don't always rely on the time shown on the tile because it can be wrong, please report found bugs on the forums instead of an app review. | Application Features - Live tile with time, date, weather and battery. - Turn your device's screen into a bright flashlight. - Display a Sleeping Screen (device dock) mode. - Stopwatch, Timer and World Clock are build in. - Weather page and lockscreen with weather status. - View your device's remaining battery life time. | Installation Instructions 1) Install the TimeMe application on your Windows Device from the store. 2) Launch TimeMe once to enable the background live tile updates task. 3) Pin the live tile inside the app and set the live tile to the selected size. | Tips and tricks - Make sure that TimeMe is allowed to run during your battery saver to keep your tile up-to-date. - When the app gets updated to a newer version the time may stop updating untill you run the app. - For more information and help open the "Help" window or tab in the application. | Requirements - Windows (Phone) operating system 8.1 or higher is required. - Internet connection to update the current weather and forecast. - Location services enabled to update your location when chosen to. | Support and bug report When you are walking into any problems or bugs you can goto the support forums on: http://forums.arnoldvink.com so I can try to help you out and get everything working. | Donation Feel free to make a donation on: http://donation.arnoldvink.com


  • Turn your device's screen into a bright Flashlight.
  • Display a Sleeping Screen (device dock) mode.
  • Stopwatch, Timer and World Clock are build in.
  • Weather page and lockscreen with weather status.
  • View your device's remaining battery life time.

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28 April 2016

Updates infrequently, always behind the correct time


1 November 2015

The time is off about half of the time. The battery option keeps breaking. I switched to other apps.


30 June 2015

The tile is poorly optimized and does not display battery level without additional software


26 May 2015

Everything else works great, love how customizable and full-featured the app is. However, after following the steps to install AV Tools, the battery life update is still not working. Disappointing, as that was the main thing i was looking for.


5 May 2015

I like it. But it works better on phone. It is usually not updated as soon as I open start menu but gets updated in a few seconds (which to be fair I don't think this one is the developer's fault). Some times it is not updated and stays that way for a while. I would like to see the large tile size.


6 April 2015

It has more features than I need. All I wanted was a live tile clock that worked. This one works, so far! Thanks!


15 February 2015

This App is understated. It provides far more value that it may suggest is a casual search. Its a full functional Data and Time App plus it a full functional Weather App. And it perform these functions far better than most dedicated time or weather apps. And with a little effort it also monitors your battery level on your tablet was well. It deserves a resounding 5 stars.


9 February 2015

Just downloaded this app and so far it works as expected. It's free and that makes it better. Great choice as I have tried many. Good job!!


19 January 2015

Thank you! Great app! Love all of the user settings, that it's ad free, and FREE free. :) Donation worthy.


17 January 2015

Really liking the update!

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