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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    Thanks for all the feedback! Release 8 - Fixed a bug (if you find any new bugs please report them to: Camerial1@hotmail.com) Release 7 - Click "space" to start and stop the timer and stopwatch! - Fixed some bugs - You can now Go Ultimate! If you buy the Go Ultimate package then you will: ★ Support the developers ★ Get an extra favorite button ★ Get the possibility to upload your own alarm sound ★ Get the possibility to upload your own background ★ Remove the advertisement (To Go Ultimate, go to the main page in the app, open the appbar and follow the instructions) Release 6 - Fixed a bug with the favorite function Release 5 - Fixed a little bug with the clock - Optimized for Windows 8.1 Release 4 - Choose between 12 hour and 24 hour time system Release 3 - Some new and better backgrounds - Can now also show time/date - Share your lap times - Fixed a bug Release 2 - Now also with toast notification - Copy and paste your lap times - Choose between different backgrounds - Add your own favorite timer for quicker access! - New design! - Fixed a bug

Timer & StopWatch Ultimate

"Timer & Stopwatch Ultimate" is the best Timer and Stopwatch app for Windows. The app has all the features expected for a timer and a stopwatch + a lot of more functionalities! "Timer & StopWatch Ultimate" is rated as one of the best free apps available for Windows 8 by the popular tech website ilovefreesoftware.com! Check it out: http://www.ilovefreesoftware.com/05/windows8/windows-8-timer-app.html Feel free to contact us at: Camerial1@hotmail.com


  • Has all the features expected for a timer and stopwatch (like pause, start, lap, reset...)
  • It is very easy to use and has a nice and simple design
  • You can choose between 11 different backgrounds or upload your own
  • The app runs in the background and notifies you when the time is up by sound
  • You can save your favorite timers for quicker access later!
  • It has a built in clock so you always know the time
  • You can easily copy and share you lap times within the app
  • You can upload you own alert sound!

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5 July 2016

love this app,


17 March 2016

I signed up for options and paid the money and now how do I access these options? Not very user friendly.


22 December 2015

Simple and works


4 November 2015

Just wanted a simple timer with sound that would grab my attention. This does! Easy to use. Sound you can't ignore. Meets my need.


2 November 2015

This app is very basic but gives you all that you need for a timer. I have not utilized the stopwatch but imagine it performs just as well as the timer. :) The only beef I have with it is that you can't press enter to select the time you have to click on it.


6 October 2015

UI elements are crisp and clear, and the app delivers as promised


16 July 2015

Lets me set common intervals for timing and then run them as often as needed. No bells and whistles, just simple and easy to use.


10 July 2015

It needs to have its name on the tile.


26 June 2015

I love this app because its easy to use and it does a good job.


10 June 2015

Very simple and functional. The lap counter does only go to 8. May be that can change with future upgrades..?

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