You want to MANAGE time and be SUCCESSFUL ? TimerPro is designed for you. TimerPro is EXTREMELY USEFUL for people who efficiently use their time. If you are an athlete, a musician, an experimenter, teacher, chef, or just want to be MUCH HAPPIER, TimerPro is your TROUBLESHOOTER. Installing TimerPro, you will definitely reach new heights in every Business you do. Hundred percents, that with TimerPro you could solve several tasks silmuntaneously! All timers operate silmuntaneously. This is your universal assistant! TimerPro is Application for SUCCESSFUL and WEALTHY people! The main functionality: 1 Tab stopwatch: 1. Stopwatch. 2. Intervals saving by touching button (unlimited), the accuracy is in milliseconds. 3. Ability to copy intervals in a text file. 2 Tab timer: 1. Countdown timer. 2. Automatic counting of laps. 3 Tab Sport: 1. Setting the number of laps. 2. Set the working time. 3. Setting the time of rest. 4. Sound alarm (rhythm). 4 Metronome: 1. Ability to set "Size" 2. Ability to set a rhythm (beats per minute), 3. The visual backlight of the current measure. 5 All timers are independent of each other and can be run in simultaneously. 6 Ability to enable and disable the notifications of finishing work of another running timer.


  • Stopwatch
  • Timer
  • Sport mode
  • Metronome