Tome Sifter

Tome Sifter helps you discover Open Library: an open library catalog, with the goal of one web page for every book, and over 1 million free ebook titles available. Tome Sifter was awarded "Best Overall App" at the Windows 8 Pure Imagination Hackathon.


  • Integrates with Windows 8 search (Start typing to search titles and authors, or use the Windows 8 search charm)
  • Bookmark and organize your favorites
  • For books with ebooks available, read online, or download PDF and ePub versions (when available) and read them on your favorite installed reader
  • Sync between devices using SkyDrive
  • Share using the Windows 8 charm

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1 May 2013

Love how this app is growing. As an avid reader, this is perfect. Congrats on the win. Loved your presentation. I'm that crazy girl who won the UX there. The phones are awesome, aren't they?


17 February 2013

No easily found method to search for books, and the recently added & user lists are obscure books. Not an app I'll be keeping.


15 February 2013

This is an awesome view into OpenLibrary. I especially like the "with E-book" search result filter and the fact that downloads happen in the background. The UI is a bit dark. I also think it could be useful to be able to search lists.