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  • Category: Productivity
  • Published by: Long Hair Software, LLC ?
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  • Supported processors: x64
  • Language: English (United States) and 1 other language ?
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    Enabled the theme store. Added fourteen themes to the store; also added a 14-pack for half price. Added a mechanism to preview unpurchased themes with complex content. Improved the launch text. Included a demonstration video. Included the tutorial on translation. Fixed several minor animation glitches.


TrimWord is a MarkDown text editor for Windows Modern UI. The point of TrimWord is to take the hassle out of text editing, so that you can get back to just writing, and loving the work you do. TrimWord handles all the formatting, and all the nonsense; you get to write a structured text file, and call it complete. That is to say, the second you start typing, your output is beautiful, and you can get the appearance you need in a single click, instead of fussing with dialogs and layout and looking for inconsistencies. Still, when you need something more powerful, you have the option of falling back on a language you already know - HTML - without breaking the theme. Themed print, themed export to HTML, and easy inclusion of resources like images, even right from the web. Really, we were just tired of word processors. We wanted to get back to the text. So, we made the tool we wanted, and now we're giving it to you, for free. TrimWord. Love writing again.


  • Fast, easy editing for people who just want to write.
  • Beautiful, zero hassle themes. Click; picked.
  • Constant live preview, which you may hide
  • Print with the theme in place
  • What you see is what you get" print preview
  • Export to HTML, with the theme in place
  • Import MarkDown
  • Support for Git-Flavored Markdown Extensions
  • Import plain text

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21 June 2015

I just spent 2 hours typing a very important letter in TrimWorld. when finished I tried to save and then print... no instructions to tell me how and guess what happened as I clicked the first button trying to save... deleted of course... I hate you trim world after one use


16 May 2015

Can NOT figure out how to use this.


9 March 2015

In order to maintain a backup of my document, I usually save it on Dropbox, unfortunately this App force closes every time I do that. I like the Themes and the fact that you can preview side by side. I hope it gets better in the future.


16 December 2014

The author should provide a link to website for instructions. Without them it is just an unsolved puzzle how to make this work.


15 April 2014

Are you kidding, how do you get it to open? All that would open for me was the demo video.


13 January 2014

This app does its job, which is to write and save documents. I found it a little difficult to use, and it does not let you use any other styles of writing unless, of course, you pay for it. I would not highly recommend this app.


18 December 2013



24 June 2013

I suggest the developers publish a guide to formatting. For example: Italic is created by using *italic* typing in the code screen, and the text appears in the view screen side by side; **bold** and ***bold italic*** The cide screen also accepts html, such as <hr> for a line, <p> for a new paragraph.


25 May 2013

I consider myself pretty computer smart. However, I couldn't figure this program out whatsoever. It has no instruction manual or help page - just a couple of videos on what it's capable of doing, but doesn't explain how, the commands, menus, etc. Totally wasted space on my computer. I will be removing it. Once a "how to" document is available, I'll reconsider. - K


8 April 2013

I clicked and I typed and I clicked around and I pressed buttons and I never made a single letter appear on the screen. Soooo..... poop.

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