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    Version - Renamed the application from "YouTube+" to "TubeLite" - Fixed settings page in dark theme. - Added commas to views count for better readability. - Fixed a bug in downloads page for the video size. - Fixed a bug that affected author names with spaces. - Updated to release display handle on pause/stop of the video. - Updated to add display icons for playlists. One of most suggested features by users. Version Updated to fix authentication issue for some users. Version Updated to address changes in YouTube website that was preventing videos from being viewed. Version - Live tiles and Badge support! Subscriptions tiles when user is logged in and a badge indicates new activity. - Pin feeds to Windows Start menu. - Toast notification when download completes or fails. Click the toast to go straight to the downloads page. - Restart cancelled/failed downloads. - A bigger and smaller video player for high and low res displays. Check settings to enable this option manually. - Option to play videos in fullscreen by default. Please check settings page to enable this. - Playlist mode enabled by default for playlists. Videos play one after the other automatically. - Volume level now saved when media player is reinitialized. - A number of bug fixes and additions.


TubeLite (formerly YouTube+) is the top rated YouTube application for Windows 8. This application is not the official YouTube application and has not association with Google, YouTube or any of its subsidiaries. Please read below for important details about logging into your account and revoking access. The trial version of the app is full featured, never expires and ad supported. There is a single ad on two of the application's pages. In order to login to youtube.com using TubeLite, you should have an active youtube profile - 1. Go to youtube.com and create a youtube account (or link your google account). 2. Add a video to favorites or create a playlist to activate your profile. This step is important else you won't be able to login or add videos to favorites and playlists. The user can revoke TubeLite access by performing following steps - 1. Open https://www.google.com/settings/security in a web browser 2. Log into your Google/Youtube account. 3. Click Edit button under “Authorizing applications and sites”. 4. Click Revoke Access button under “TubeLite”.


  • View common video feeds like popular, trending and most recent. You can also a select a region to view region specific results.
  • Search for Youtube videos and filter based on category and relevance.
  • Pin feeds to application home page or Windows start menu for easy access. Use semantic zoom to reorganize feeds on home page.
  • Filter feeds based on category like comedy, music and sports.
  • Allows the user to login into Youtube service and work with user feeds like subscriptions, favorites and playlists.
  • Watch Youtube videos in full screen using the hardware accelerated video support provided by Windows operating system.
  • Like, dislike and share videos.
  • Add comment or reply to user comments for videos.
  • Add videos to favorites, playlists or subscribe to the author.
  • Download videos that you own and/or have the rights to download. For example, you have lost a video that you own (and/or have the rights) and would like to download it to your device.
  • Support for snap view, sharing and search from Windows charms bar.
  • Multiple HQ and HD video formats support (240p, 360p, 720p and 1080p).
  • Cancel, Pause and resume downloads with support for background downloading.
  • Playlist mode - when set the next video starts playing after the current video is completed.
  • Repeat mode - to loop a video or loop a playlist if playlist mode is enabled.

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3 May 2015

it wont play videos keeps giving me error could have flagged removed...any help


8 May 2014

it is better than youtube downloader


16 February 2014

Omfg I luv this app!!!!!!!!!!! I get to put videos on my computer for free


30 November 2013

Very nice app, it runs smooth and everything works except for the description on videos and subscriptions could be more practical. Nice job


26 October 2013

I purchased this app when my surface was still running windows 8, but after the 8.1 update it's asking me to purchase it again.


14 September 2013

One bug but still de best: No descriptions on the videos. Implementing 'collections' from 'subscriptions' would make it easier to manage the daily vídeos.


24 July 2013

Overall good. But crashes sometimes.


16 July 2013

Works for me, decent effort put into this app thanks!