Twit Tv

TWiT TV allows you to watch and listen to live and recorded video and audio streams from on your Windows 8/RT devices. In the latest release you can also download shows for playback offline. Twit is Leo Laporte's Internet Broadcasting Network. The application includes support for play-to that allows you to push the video streams to your play-to ready devices such as the XBox 360 or Xbox One. It also provides the ability to pin your favorite shows on the start screen. The application also includes support for sharing while playing back recorded content via email, twitter, Facebook, etc. TWiT® and the TWiT Logo are registered trademarks of TWiT LLC


  • Stream live and recorded Content
  • Utilize Play-To streaming content to the xbox or other play ready devices

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5 April 2015

pretty good when the trial period is over I will buy it


2 March 2015

Love TWiT, but update this every now and then. Several listed shows are no longer on the air, and several new shows are even listed.


1 February 2014

the latest version want even download.


10 January 2014

I am not sure if it's my Surface 2, or the app, but I can't get through an episode without it crashing 3-4 times per episode.


2 January 2014

Love it!


25 December 2013

Now that they stop breaking with updates, its a great way to keep up on the Twit network.


14 November 2013

Leo should not allow this to be associated with his name. Constant freezes, no sound at times. Fix it or stop charging for beta software.


10 November 2013

This is a great app. Love the way it works and leverages Xbox week. The play to Xbox is somewhat buggy. Missing is part of what make TWiT great, the chat room. With a chat room it's 5 stars


1 November 2013

Crashes, lock-UPS, and just plan buggy. It could be nice once it is perfected.


31 October 2013

This is a great app. but I miss the button for seeing the Chat Room that Web access allows.

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