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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    v3.0.1.276 - August 6, 2015 •Store logo is now properly Kerinova Blue _______ v3.0.0.275 - August 2, 2015 •(Win10)Windows 10.0 Initial Release on PC, Tablet, Phone, Xbox, IoT, Surface Hub, and HoloLens •(Win10)Added untested Cortana support •(Win10)App now adapts to screen size. •(Win10)Sends toast between 9 and 11 now instead of at 10:00 AM •(Win10)Added sound effects to achivements. •(Win10)Added inking to background of MainPage. _______ v1.2.0.225 - August 1, 2015 •(Both) Added Accuracy percentage. •(Both) Removed advertisements and IAP's. _______ v1.1.1.222 - May 25, 2015 •Fixed a bug where opening the Achievements page would crash the app. _______ v1.1.0.220 - May 24, 2015 •Added Lorem Ispum Mode. •Added Achivements. •(WP) Resized other apps hyper link to match the Rate and Review hyperlink.

Type Faster!

Type Faster! is a typing game/benchmark app for Windows and Windows Phone. The game features multiple modes including numbers, nonsense, and Lorem Ipsum. Type Faster! features leaderboards, allowing you to track your progress, and compete with friends in Words Per Minute scores. Type Faster! can be used to benchmark your typing speed on different phones and devices. You can find the keyboard that best works for you, or improve your texting speed. Type Faster! is a Universal Windows App. This means that it features native and beautiful design across platforms. This means that Type Faster! syncs your high scores, themes, and user profiles between your phones, tablets, computers, Surfaces, and HoloLens. Modes: •Free Type- Type what you want •Nonsense Type- Type a series of random characters •Sentence Type- Type randomly generated sentences •Numbers Type- Type a series of random numbers •Lorem Ipsum Type- Type the text of Lorem Ipsum!


  • Multiple Engaging Game Modes
  • Leaderboards
  • Buy Once, Play Everywhere
  • Sync high scores across phone, tablet, and PC
  • Sync user profiles and themes across all devices
  • Share your high scores with all your friends
  • Beautiful Live Tiles for all modes
  • Customizable app background
  • Theme color matches device accent color

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9 February 2016

the typing just gives you a page and starts timing you and I don't even know what to do,