UneQual Hours Clock

The UQH Timepiece is a profoundly unique software - it is a combination of a modern clock and the ancient way of tracking time in one tasteful package presented in a live clock-tile on your Start Screen ! The UneQual Hours Clock is partly a traditional alarm and timer clock with a live-tile on the Start Screen. In addition it is an implementation of the well known historical way of tracking time: the method which was dominant in the ancient and a medieval times. This method was based on the Sun's travel on the sky, where the days were counted from sunrise to sunset, and the nights from sunset to the next sunrise. This app is based on this method called unequal hours. People back in ancient and medieval times did divide the days into 24 parts, but these hours were not by any means absolute or equal to each other. The shorter or longer days in the summer or winter meant shorter and longer hours as well ! Now you can feel and witness the flow of their daily life ! Our app offers an authentic experience - hours and quarters, shown in a tile along with the standard time and date, accompanied by the related sunrise and sunset times ! See the slowing and speeding seconds and witness their flow by the unique "time-machine" clock - compare the current unequal second to our standard one ! 3rd quarter of the 7th hour ? Already ? By following the quarters and unequal hours you will always know where are you exactly in the night or day, and you will be informed about how much has elapsed and how much time is still left from today. Frequent updates coming - Medieval parchment "alive" layout (using authentic charts) - Graphical main screen live tiles (optional)


  • Standard Clock (Alarm, Timer)
  • UneQual Clock (Modern, Medieval)
  • Start screen live-tile clock (combined)
  • Text Clock
  • Sunrise and Sunset times
  • Additional information
  • Day-Night Proportions
  • Sunrise and set timer