Unicorn Run

Run forever as an adorable pink unicorn!

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22 June 2016

I love my fellow unicorns lets help them escape


22 October 2015

Unicorns have been the most majestic creatures in the universe since day one. How do I know this? I go to UNIversty Unicorn in Rainbow Hollow. Why am I going to this school? I am a unicorn myself, of course. Yes, I fart rainbows and live in a poptart house. Well, I downloaded this game because I suck at flying- too many cherry ice cream cupcakes, and I wanted to get a feel for my outdoor world. I'm graduating school to be an adventurer, this game is helping me so much to equip for graduation and life. Such a realistic and helpful game to all unicorns hoping to one day be great. Thanks- Unicorn Bob PS: I LOVE DONUTS


23 March 2014

hella rad


17 March 2014

I like this game :) It's stupid fun.


26 June 2013

THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! ITS LIKE YOUR A LITTLE PINK UNICORN JUMPING UP AND DOWN! ITS PROBABLY LAME TO ALL OF YOU OTHERS BECAUSE YOULL BE LIKE what the freaking is this BUT TO ME ITTT IZ AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


14 June 2013

It is like temple run, but there is no coins. It is a little pink unicorn that jumps over holes in the ground, In the left corner, there are numbers that tell how far you are going. It has no menu.