Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 2

Return to Pinecreek Hills National Park for another Hidden Object Adventure in the great outdoors. Explore all the new areas that have opened in the park this year. Check out the cable cars, walk through the giant sequoias, explore the mountains, view the Golden Pond Falls cutting through the deep gorge and many more scenes of natural beauty. But beware there is fire on the horizon. You will have to help the Fire Rangers deal with the devastating effects of forest fires in the park. Enjoy this outstanding collection of Hidden Object Scenes and puzzles set in an idyllic national park. As well as finding Hidden Objects around the park you will need to perform your duties as a Park Ranger. Protect the environment by collecting all the bonus trash items to recycle and catalog all the wildlife throughout the park in your Wildlife Journal. Vacation Adventures : Park Ranger 2 will give you endless hours of seek and find entertainment.


  • Gorgeous outdoor hidden object locations
  • Challenging HOG scenes
  • Fun outdoor themed mini games
  • Bonus object collection lists
  • Achievements to unlock as the game progresses

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16 July 2016

Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger HP


20 May 2016

Played a few levels then repeats. SURE WISH GAMES WOULD STOP LYING


4 April 2016

I have played other casual arts games and have enjoyed them. I purchased this one and it will not let me get past level 5 or 6 without going to the purchase screen. Very, very disappointed. I have uninstalled/installed it several times now with the same results.