This game is one of the oldest games known in history. Each of the two players has nine pieces, which they put alternately on any free point of the game board. If a player gets three pieces in a line - a mill, he removes one of the opponent's pieces from the game board. You must remove a piece which is not in a mill, only if all of the opponent's pieces are in mills, you can remove a piece even from a mill. When all the pieces have been entered on the game board, the players move alternately one of their pieces on a neighbouring place. If a player gets three of his pieces in a line, he can remove one of the opponent's pieces again. A mill can be opened and closed any number of times. If a player has only three pieces left, he can jump with his pieces to any free point of the game board. A player has lost, if he has only two pieces left or if he is not able to make a move with one of his pieces.


  • player vs player
  • player vs computer

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17 May 2015

This game sucks! I try to move apiece to an empty spot on the board and it just goes back to the pile. Totally useless waste of time.


19 March 2015

mind blowing game dude


19 January 2015

good dot....


4 December 2014

mind blowing game


24 October 2014

excellent app dude keep on going!.......