Vector Artist

Explore your creativity with Vector Artist! Whether you are an artist, a designer or just for fun! Vector artist is great for the beginner and a useful tool for professional graphic designers. It is a fully featured graphics editor which works great on Windows 8 with or without touch screens. Draw all different kinds of shapes such as * Draw ellipses, rectangles and paths (create with Bezier curves) * Draw freehand lines * Draw shapes such as stars, clouds and hearts * Fill with linear and radial gradients * Transparency * Draw text Fill them in with different colors and gradients. Vector drawing is different to painting in that you create highly accurate shapes which can be zoomed in to any amount and still stay sharp. But you can also paint to the guide image which you can trace round with vector shapes. Create and edit vector files in SVG format. This is a versatile format that is compatible with lots of software such as Inkscape and Photoshop. This is great to create great artworks that last. Great for artistic minds. Create art with shapes and curves in this art program. Create art the way professionals do. Use standard shapes or "bezier" curves. Load SVG graphics to edit and modify. Load and save files in vector format or as images with transparency. One of the most fully featured vector graphics editors on the Windows 8 Store. Draw graphics, icons or designs. Save as SVG on PNG. Use special effects like linear and radial gradients and transparency to make your pictures look amazing. You could load your images into other programs such as Photoshop. Zoom in as much as you like and the vector images remain sharp. Add colour gradients, transparency or transparent gradients. Lots of inbuilt shapes including circle, rectangle, triangle, star cloud, heart, moon, line, ring diamond and sector. Visit our website for more tips, resources and feedback. Unleash your inner Leonardo DaVinci or Raphiel and have fun with Vector Artist.


  • Create vector art
  • Edit SVG files
  • Create beautiful text
  • Bezier curve editing
  • Gradients
  • Change order of shapes
  • Spiral transform
  • Zoom in and out

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1 January 2016

I'm an amateur graphic designer and find this app very useful, besides the fact that it's free it's also the best design app I can find on surface, comparable to Inkscape for those that use it.