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    v 1.6: - Minor bug-fixes v1.5: - Bug in PDF export fixed. v1.4: - Redesigned user interface for the tool panels. Now it’s easy to navigate between the panels using tabs. - Support for multiple pages in a single file. - PDF Export. - It is possible to replace the selected shape with an element on stencils panel. All shape’s settings and connections will be preserved. Just touch and hold (or right-click if you use mouse) the element in the stencils panel and choose “Replace” from the popup menu. - Many bug-fixes and usability improvements.

Vector ArtStudio

It is a simple touch-friendly vector graphics and illustration tool. This application was developed for Windows Store and takes advantage of Windows 8 and Windows RT new user interface to provide best graphics editing experience on tablet devices. The app allows you to put on the drawing canvas everything from simple predefined shapes such as rectangles, ellipses and lines to complex free-shaped figures that can be drawn by hand or created in spline editor. You can insert pictures to your drawings as well. It’ also possible to set any paper size, measure units, grid and snap settings for the page. Application features include unlimited undo\redo, grouping and arranging of shapes, solid and gradients fills, various line dash patterns and so on. Designed drawings can be saved on disk, exported to png, jpeg and svg formats, printed, or shared via Windows 8 “Share” charm.


  • Modern UI developed for Windows 8 from scratch to provide equally comfortable editing experience with touch, pen, mouse and keyboard
  • Sketch style” mode – make any shape look like it is drawn by hand by just turning a single switch
  • Support for Sharing via “Share Charm”, Printing and Export to PNG, JPEG and SVG formats
  • Icon Finder integration
  • Objects tree pane - Inspect, select, lock and hide objects from document objects tree

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10 June 2015

The freehand tool, VAS, what the bleep is it doing? I can't make it not draw terrible lines. I'm hopeful; it's almost all there, just needs the freehand tool to behave like an actual brush. Can't buy it yet. Interface and potential is great, but a lack of being able to draw freehand with a stylus to /any/ degree of accuracy is killing me. Seriously, a couple of art brushes, and layers (none that I can see in the free version), and this thing will be killer.


5 June 2015

Got the trial version to test it out, and really liked the program, would have rated at about 4 stars (need an eraser for 5 stars). I finished the project, clicked the save icon, and was cautioned that there was no save function in the trial mode, and I would have to buy the full version. I had put a few hours into the project, and needed it for work, and was liking the software so far, so figured eight bucks wasn't a big deal, so went ahead and paid. After payment processed, my project vanished. GONE. ArtStudio was back at the splash/intro screen with no trace of the hours of work I had just apparently wasted. On top of that, I am now unable to even open a new blank project to start again. I can't find any way to contact customer service, either. Suddenly, eight bucks is a VERY big deal...


26 May 2015

This is amazing software, for who want to make a blueprint in touch devise. Recommended!!!


10 May 2015

I've been using Vector ArtStudio to prepare figures in graduate school, and it's incredibly helpful! Very easy to use, and lots of features. I recommend it!


17 April 2015

I really am excited about this app and hope that it keeps getting updated. I want as many snapping features as possible. If I could snap the points into place AND the points that adjust curve, I would be in heaven.


6 April 2015

Harkens back to my early days on my Mac Plus with MacDraw! Things just work. Functionality is intuitive and so far has done what I need and want to do. Am finding that my recent saves on a file aren't updating the file modify date in windows for some reason. The price has been well worth it.


14 March 2015

Big improvements since I last used it


11 January 2015

This is an example of how much potential Windows Store apps contain.


11 November 2014

I personally hate when a app says trail but then doesn't allow you to do anything. It makes me not want to even purchase the program since I can't see if it will even work for us. Don't waste your time. You can't even save the file you worked on unless you buy the program.


2 November 2014

Fast and very easy to use, and very affordable. Its totally worth it, works fantastic on my surface 2. Yes, it doesn't have a thousand features like illustrator, but hey you can create illustrations on your tablet! You can even export your projects to illustrator or other vector software to finish or add more details to your project there.

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