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    Contact Info: theveenreader@gmail.com -----Release Details----- v1.5 (4 Sept, 2014) 1. Inbuilt dictionary support. Select a word, right click or tap it, then click "define" in menu. 2. 5 new Templates for feeds-list. 3. Set article width. AppBar->Reading Options. 4. Some changes and additions in keyboard-shortcuts. Press CTRL+K to check. 5. Minor bug fixes. v1.4.4 (18 Aug, 2014) 1. Keyboard shorts added 2. Minor bug fixes. v1.4.3 (14 Aug, 2014) 1. Update in search algorithm. 2. Update in Pocket APi. 3. Bug Fixes

Veen Reader

A Feedly Client and a local/standalone RSS reader. (You can use it for more than one - feedly, local or both types of account.) SERVICES I CAN USE ? Feedly, Local (no account needed) CAN I USE THE APP WITH MULTIPLE FEEDLY OR LOCAL ACCOUNTS OR BOTH? Yes. CAN I MANAGE FEEDLY (and Local) SUBSCRIPTIONS FROM WITHIN APP ? Yes. CAN I SEARCH MY LIST? Yes. DOES APP TELLS ME POPULAR ITEMS IN MY LIST? Yes. CAN I SAVE OR SHARE IMAGES? Yes. SHARING SERVICES I CAN USE? Pocket, Facebook, Twitter, Readability, Instapaper, Windows Sharing.


  • Manage multiple feedly or local accounts.
  • Manage subscriptions/folders: Rename, Delete, Add, Import and Export OPML files (for feedly and local accounts).
  • Subscribe to new feeds from within APP, you don't have to type or copy those long urls, just type the website or topic or url.
  • Inbuilt dictionary. (Select word, right click then define)
  • APP highlights popular items in your list.
  • Right click any image to save or share.
  • Alerts when new items are found for keywords you choose.
  • Start typing anywhere to search feeds, or use settings charm.
  • Choose between 3 Pane or 2 Pane layout.
  • Themes: Light, Modern, Dark.
  • Supports all resolutions and orientations.
  • Share to: Pocket, Facebook, Twitter, Readability, Instapaper, windows sharing.
  • Always start from where you left. When you switch account or close app your state is saved.
  • 6 different templates from feeds-list.
  • Sort and filter list.
  • Intelligent Live-Tiles.
  • Decide article width.
  • Set default open method for individual subscriptions.

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26 June 2015

Slow loading. Extra steps needed to view article. In web view, scrolling is disabled even when the article is much longer than a screen. Limited customizability.... but, given all that, it does produce the content MOST of the time.


11 April 2015

Now constant "Something bad happened" during startup. No longer connects.


9 March 2015

Overall the app is very good. Lacking the official feedly app on Windows store, I find Veen Reader a highly viable alternative. The offline, local option is a nice additional as well for people who aren't comfortable with the cloud. However, there is one key feature I really need to have: mark as read while scrolling. I skim through thousands of titles every day and only read about 5%. Sometimes I cannot skim through the whole list in one session. It is VERY important that I don't have to skim through my list again if I have to stop in the middle.


1 March 2015

This app works pretty well overall and syncs with Feedly. It has a reader mode that can load just the words and pics in the article, and it can use this mode by default on whichever feed you want (it doesn't work for all websites). It can also save/star articles, open in browser, etc. But it's missing an option to increase the font size, and the animation for swiping to the next article is jerky.


26 January 2015

Two problems I encountered that stop this from being perfect. 1. Gifs seem to be unable to load. 2. Browser view won't let me interact with the elements on the screen or even scroll up and down the page.


26 November 2014

Not feebly by any means. But feebly can't handle Google sign on for win store apps, so ......


3 November 2014

I love this app. No WP version?


20 October 2014

when i sync new rss . . . please check it


4 September 2014

I really enjoy the app, too bad it doesn't have such a high exposure like other apps that are clearly inferior. A few adjustments here and there are required but overall it is a good solid app and easy to use.


10 August 2014

I wish I could rate it more than 5 stars. Thanks guys. Keep the good work going.

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