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    In this update we 1. Added support for new generation of Amazon EC2 instances. 2. Fixed bugs.

VIAcode Cloud Commander

New version of VIAcode Cloud Commander lets you easily review, monitor and manage your cloud infrastructure. Now it supports two cloud providers: Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure. You can use Cloud Commander to monitor and manage main cloud entities such as Virtual Machines and disks. Cloud Commander is the only mobile console that allows you to check the operating and health status for every EC2 instance and EBS volume in your AWS subscription.


  • Supports AWS as well as Windows Azure.
  • Advanced security with account password protection.
  • Multi-account to manager all your AWS and Windows Azure subscriptions from one app.
  • Proactive display of AWS CloudWatch metrics.
  • The ability to start, stop and restart any EC2 instance or persistence VM.
  • The ability to drill down into AWS CloudWatch Alarms to review metrics and determine the root cause of failures.
  • Support multi-region for all AWS regions globally cloud infrastructure.

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17 May 2013

Simple, straightforward interface to view stuff on EC2. The metrics show up nicely, and it even shows EBS volumes. Bonus: you are able to start/stop/restart. Suggestions: - Show ELBs above which servers are members (there may be one or more ELBs though) - Show stopped instances in a different color - Differentiate between Windows and Linux instances - Not sure why some volumes are green and some are grey - looks like the Linux ones are the grey ones, but not sure.