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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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  • Notes: (11/14/2017) - WM10 : Navigation bar hides at start (11/13/2017) - New "Cinema" mode in VR settings : watch non 360° videos like if tou are at the cinema! - Bugfix: SBS mode bad results with video rendering. (07/17/2017) - W10 : Transparency tile - WM10 : Bugfix - crash at launch on (07/13/2017) - Windows 10 UWP (Works with XboxOne too) but the old version for Win 8.1 (Desktop+Phone) is still updated with this package. (Note : you can use gamepads on Windows Mobile 10) - Spherical Video SBS (Side By Side) handled (top-bottom or left-right) (07/19/2016) - Sensor performances improved - General performances improved (07/01/2016) - New feature : You can read 360° images/photos now (local files or URI) - Some Bug fixes Bug fix : the app crashed sometimes at launch (due to Google Analytics...) - DEMO button on the Start Page - Increase interpupillary distance setting for large screens (or large interpupillary distance on human faces !) - Bug fix Bug fix with touch gestures - New Feature : 3D VR Headset supported (Oculus Rift like devices, Google Cardboard etc.) - 3D VR Headset : Customize Interpupillary distance (IPD) - 3D VR Headset : Buy recommended device via the app - Better UI experience (click once to show/hide the player controls) - Better video performances - Handle URI to play videos (in addition of local & YouTube videos)

Video 360

Video 360 is the first mediaplayer 360° on Windows Store. The 3D Virtual Reality Headsets are supported (such as Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard etc.) Try this amazing experience to control the camera angle : a total immersion. Use this media player with Tubecast to enjoy Youtube videos 360 degrees (4K supported). It also reads local or remote photos and videos with Side By Side (SBS) Spherical support (change the rendering mode in VR Settings) and also Cinema mode (regular or SBS). Move the camera angle with : - Device sensors (Gyrometer, Accelerometer etc.) - Your fingers - Keyboard - Mouse - XBOX Gamepad Also available on Windows Phone Store as Universal app.


  • Player Video 360
  • Move your smartphone for an immersive experience
  • Touch your screen to move into the video
  • 3D VR Headset for a total immersion
  • Read Youtube video from Tubecast
  • Read 360 videos from your smartphone storage & SD card

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20 June 2016

This app is very effective in watching 360 degree videos.


20 May 2016

It does 360 videos great. I just wish that there were more trial videos


20 October 2015

Tubecast is already a great app, but now things become better with Video 360! Everything works fine for me so I'm enjoying now this new way of seeing videos :)


19 October 2015

I love this camera


29 July 2015

I just can't stop casting


20 July 2015

Thanks for the great app


18 July 2015

this is awesome I can see my next part of my vid of I just spin the pic around


15 July 2015

This app is really impressive and I love showing it off to my friends on my Surface Pro 3. The only thing I wish for is for it to have more free trials or for it to be integrated into Tubecast instead of being a seperate app.


12 July 2015

This App Is Wonderful... If You Love Watching Videos, Then You'll Really Love Watching Them In 360 ... A Must Have App!


11 July 2015

The fact that you can get a free trail is a big plus. The app does exactly what it says and it is great. Its a new way of approaching videos and the way you look at them. This is great especially for documentaries. Nice job. The app is NOT discoverable if you search for it in the store, I dont know if this is the Store's problem or not, but its not the first app that has this poblem

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