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    * Release 10 updates - Files and folders management - Create new folder with time stamp - Rename multiple files - Copy and paste * Release 9 updates - Show the AppBar when the user selects an item or more. * Release 7 updates - Add Refresh button on AppBar - Optimized layout for viewing more images on 1920x1080 resolution * Release 6 updates - New feature : Share to/from other apps - Add box ad on the main page of trial version. - Fix "remove advertising banner" bug for full version. * Release 5 updates - Solve a crash issue using Microsoft Ads control. - Solve a crash issue when there is no folders and files to view. - Add Microsoft Ads for Trial version - Add Purchase button to full version license from option page * Release 3 updates - Fix image list layout in Snapped view. - Modify image position from top-left corner to center in View mode. - Update Tile images


Simple and Easy image viewer app for Windows 8. "Viewing" can manage image folders list and view any images from the folders. Share and Save screenshots and image files to/from other apps.


  • Start from File Explorer. Recommend to set Viewing as Default program for image files.
  • Save a screenshot(Windows 8.1) or image files to Pictures folder through Share charm.
  • Optimized for viewing more images. 5 lines on 1920x1080 resolution. (Full Version Only)
  • Full-Screen image view and Compact appbar commands
  • Manage Image folders to access
  • Create new folder with today's time stamp(YYYY-MM-DD)
  • Rename multiple files and folders following parent folder name with numbering.
  • Copy and paste

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28 October 2013

I really want to be able to click 'save to desktop' or 'save to my pictures folder' on a picture to quickly make a copy of it to a place I can easily access. So that is a great feature of this app. What is wrong? I can't view pictures in my skydrive :( Majority of pictures are in there!


14 August 2013

simple UI, easy touch, very very good!!!!


26 July 2013

I'm light and easy to use