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    Fixed a sizing issue with custom images.

VirtuCard Demo

This application will help unleash the card artist in you. You can create and manage clean and attractive custom cards for any occasion. Mix and match different elements - background images, musical clips, animation and so on. Select from the images and musical clips provided or use your own images, musical clips or video clips. You can even use your webcam to capture a video clip that is attached to the card. Manage and re-use the cards created in the past. Making a custom card has never been this easy. Note: This demo version is fully functional, but the cards made can only be sent out using the full version called VirtuCard available in the Windows store.


  • Create attractive custom cards
  • Manage cards created in the past
  • Use images and musical clips provided or use your own image, muscial clip or video

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4 April 2015

If you want to send grandma a grandma looking card real quick, I suppose you might try this. But the options, editing, and sizing are almost nill. and pray you have your own pics , because this app is so out of date that even the music is like that which first came out with these type apps in the beginning. You would be so much happier just going to one of the plethora of free card making sights out there or hitting the play store where you!ll find almost unlimited options, and really cool stuff to add as well, not spend a dime, and do it in less time than it takes to even get your code! My curiosity got me on this one. Im just glad I snuck out only minus $3.99...