Wallpaper Sky

30K+ HD Wallpapers Daily Updates; Unlimited Stunning Flickr Originals! New in v1.1 updates: ★Queuing feature, bulk download just enabled! Refresh your homescreen and background with dedicated HD wallpapers, lots of inspirations in every touch of your tablet!


  • Flickr daily featured wallpaper refresh, you can get the most awesome wallpapers which are selected by flickr;
  • Wallpaper upload: if you found a beautiful wallpaper, you can upload it to Wallpaper Sky, and it can be viewd by people all over the world!
  • Users showroom: our editor will pick the most stunning wallpapers uploaded by users, and let them display in users showroom everyday, your submission can by people all over the world!
  • Lockscreen wallpaper show, change lockscreen wallpaper automatically basis on clear categories.
  • Recommendation wallpapers with fancy and sense topic to educate and note you some coll in trend & history;
  • My center: help you to manage your upload, download, favorite easily;
  • Millions wallpapers from cloud and user generated, just well organised;
  • Clear sorts: categories, hot and new, awesome to go!

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1 July 2015

Scroll through, but never select a picture to see it full size, because when you go back it starts at the beginning of the set again


6 June 2015

ohhh!!!!!! amazing,HD pics,great LUV IT.....................


24 January 2015

Doesn't work, keeps wanting me to refresh.


21 May 2014

It is an awesome app for wallpapers


16 January 2014

I just got this app, and I think it is pretty well put together, I haven't seen any ads to date, however, I have downloaded multiple pictures and can not seem to find where they are going. I guess I will keep looking. One feature I love about this app over others is that it can give your lock screen a slideshow of sorts. Pretty cool.


29 December 2013

best wallpaper app


21 December 2013

This is a great app, but it needs serious performance improvements. I thought it was my Surface RT....well its not the surface, my dual core Athlon 5600 also has performance problems with this app on Windows 8.1 as well. It lags way too much when scrolling through the wallpapers and then it crashes.


2 September 2013

When sorting through the pictures, the app will crash almost every minute, forcing me to re-navigate through all the pictures. Another downside is when you are zoomed in on the pictures, and you flick through 20 or so, as soon as you zoom out, the it puts you back to the spot where you Originally zoomed in on the picture, instead of zooming out on the picture you ended with. Not too big of a deal, but kind of annoying having to go through the pictures twice. I like the pictures available though!


31 August 2013

I agree I have no idea how either! somebody help


29 August 2013

okay so I like the app a lot but I can't figure out how to download a picture that I like. help!!!

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