Top #5 games in Windows Phone Marketplace Brazil. Thank you! +200.000 downloads. Wargeit is a FREE online 100% strategy game only for Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8. Version 2.4: » Medals » Windows 8 version If you are tired of building and building without fighting, change to this challenging game in which a great strategy is all that you need to win! Wargeit is the new version of the successful game “The General”, with online mode (beta server) and new Metro graphics. You are the Ruler (King, President, …) of a country. Your goal is to conquer the world and destroy all the other countries. You will have to: » solve problems related to economy, science and military politics. » train scientists to develop your science areas » recruit soldiers and build ships » hire Generals who leader your army in land battles and Admirals for your Navy. You can base your strategy on science or build a military state. However, whatever you do, at some stage you will have to go to war. If you just sit back, the others will kill you! But best warriors will also to defeat the really powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) of the game, the most challenging of all mobile platforms. Check it out yourself! ________________________________________ Wargeit™ – © 2013 Number Studios Number Studios is a Microsoft BizSpark Program company


  • Offline mode with three difficulty levels
  • Online mode up to 20 simultaneous players
  • Military Rank evolution by experience
  • Real Map (based on Bing) or Random Map
  • Hire Soldiers, Scientistics and build War Ships
  • Hire Generals, configuring their Age, Skill and Speed
  • 8 Scientistic Areas to develop
  • Conquer, Conquer, Conquer =)

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7 March 2014

Please fix bug where can not hire any more scientist, ships, and soldiers. Otherwise great game.


6 March 2014

I really don't understand why I can play this game but can't seem to keep it from crashing back to the desktop. I had the same problem when I played on my phone. Bring General's back. At least it didn't crash on me. Horrible, just Horrible. I am taking it off my tablet...


17 January 2014

There is no playable Tutorial. But after you get the hang of it VERY FUN. It is free, get it.


15 August 2013

Good strategy game. But cannot figure out how to save a game.


18 May 2013

I can,t play online


10 April 2013

I like the game. Its hard to win, but that's what makes it fun.


3 April 2013



27 February 2013

This game is awesome and it never gets old because there are multiple ways to play and is a good strategy game. Online play is also available. If u like fast pace games this one may not be for you


21 February 2013

This a great game with potential to shine if it wasn't for the bugs draining away all the enjoyment. 1st, in the singleplayer menu it gets stuck if you try to pick the world map. 2nd, when you save your progress and exit the game and then load it back it won't allow you to purchase more soldiers or scientists when you clearly have the resources to. 3rd, the game suffers from random lag especially if you load your saved game. 4th, sometimes it won't allow you to purchase more generals/admirals.


12 February 2013

Addictive turn-based strategy but with very limited choices

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