Watching Craigslist

Watching Craigslist will monitor craigslist for the items you’ve always wanted and quickly notify you once they are posted. This greatly improves your chances of finding the things you are looking for before they are sold. Features: - Consolidated e-mail reports to keep your inbox free of clutter - Fast and Simple interface allows you to search the entire craigslist directory - You can turn notifications on and off to stop e-mailed reports from being sent to your mailbox.

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25 March 2015

whenever I open it and press any link or input any information on the opening screen the program just closes and goes back to desktop.. sad...


11 March 2015

This app won't run for more than 2 or 3 seconds. Why does so much junk exist in this app store?


22 January 2015

I was hopeful it would work! I could have so many uses for it but everytime I open it, it crashes. I tried originally signing in with my CL account and also tried creating a new sign in - both ways failed after multiple attempts so I uninstalled. < HP / Win 8>


30 December 2014

App launches on Win 8.1, but then when you select "Register a new account" focus changes to desktop. You can never register. SAVE THE LITTLE DISK SPACE IT TAKES - DOES NOT WORK!!!


18 May 2014

app crashes immediately after launch 100% unusable


9 April 2014

I am having difficulty. the screen keeps changing. I cannot creat an account inable to log in. can you help? I have tried several times.


2 January 2014

very helpful


21 December 2013

Crashes after entering your email, pw. Windows RT (yes, some of us still use and love windows RT).


4 December 2013

On Windows 8.1 this application requests a sign-in or the user to register. Before one can respond to either, however, the app crashes and returns to the START screen. I would give it a Zero rating if it were possible. SFOLaw


21 November 2013

I can't even register for a new account because it just crashes

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