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    Update fixes warning boxes, where were previously broken. Update adds the ability to select your default location manually. Before, it was only based on geolocation. Update fixes the Live Tile, which was previously broken. Update adds slider to select default zoom level. Adds radar data for Europe. Adds more data products. Fixes bug where app would not zoom into your location.

Weather Radar Pro

Radar data covers the United States, Europe, and Eastern Caribbean! This is the only radar app in the Windows Store that provides you with more radar products than just base reflectivity. It's professional data that you don't want to be without. Animated weather radar with watch/warning boxes, global hurricane tracking, and cloud overlays. Radar includes storm attributes - arrows indicating the direction of travel, and icons indicating the location and size of hail, mesocyclones, and tornadic vortex signatures that indicate the presence of rotation in supercells and possible tornados. Radar images include high resolution base reflectivity at multiple scan angles, enhanced echo tops, vertically integrated liquid, correlation coefficient, differential reflectivity, 1 hour precipitation totals, and storm total precipitation. Click on hail, mesocyclone, or tvs icons to view the storm attribute table for that particular storm cell. Storm attribute table includes information about hail size, probability of hail, cloud top height, vertically integrated liquid, and more. Overlay animated radar over GOES satellite imagery, view global temperature data, or view global sea-level pressure with isobars. Radar imagery covers the United States, Europe, Guam, and the Eastern Caribbean. Hurricane data is global and includes all the oceans of the world. Choose the number of frames in your radar animation, the animation speed, and the interval between frames. Optimized for Windows 10 with new Live Tile.


  • Animated radar data with cloud overlays
  • Watch/warning boxes for all warning types
  • Hail size estimates
  • Mesocyclones and tornadic vortex signatures
  • Storm direction indicated by arrows
  • Hurricane tracking with forecast for storms around the world
  • GOES satellite data with optional radar overlay
  • Global sea-level pressure map with isobars
  • Global temperature data
  • Timestamped radar
  • Live Tile
  • High Resolution Base Reflectivity
  • Enhanced Echo Top
  • Vertically Integrated Liquid
  • Weather Fronts
  • Radar data includes the United States and Europe

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18 August 2016

Stays up with the current weather.


17 August 2016

Great app.


17 July 2016

I love the full screen view and the data provided.


11 July 2016

The only thing and this may be me, but that means it should be a tad bit easier to change locations. What I mean is I open the application and I always end up in Kansas City and I live in Texas. So then I have to find home, otherwise it is very cool!


1 June 2016

very reliable.. I do wish for a home button and lightning strikes would be an added bonus.. oh and great mapping also and I do mean insightful.


11 May 2016

worked grate updates good , left on it seems to go back to the overall screen instead of where I left it, neat colors


9 May 2016

I like weather radar Pro but it could be beter


1 May 2016

Does great job


7 February 2016

Works great for me.


10 January 2016

Good Stuff!

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