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    - Optimized for Windows 10. - Supports front or back webcam. - Supports both image and video/audio recording. - Supports quiet mode recording. The screen can be turned off when it is recording. - Fixed a bug that stops recording when the computer goes to sleep. Now when the app is running, the computer will no longer enter the sleep mode.

Webcam Security Camera

It is NOT just an app, it is a real Security Service for Home and Business. This app can use your webcam as a network security camera. It supports the built-in webcam or an external webcam to monitor your home or business. Webcam Security Camera can keep recording and uploading the data to CameraFTP.com cloud storage. You can view / playback the recorded footage from anywhere at any time. Compared with other security cameras/DVRs, this is the easiest and most affordable way to setup your home / business security and monitoring system; it is also more secure than regular security systems. A regular CCTV/DVR system stores the recorded data locally. If the system is destroyed, you lose all recorded data. Standard IP cameras don't include any storage, so you will need to use cloud based FTP storage. CameraFTP offers not only cloud-based storage, but also many advanced features, such as web browser-based player, and Camera Viewer apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. CameraFTP is the leading Cloud Surveillance and Recording service provider. Our service works with all IP cameras that support FTP (most IP / network cameras do support FTP). You don't need to order any expensive proprietary cameras; you can even use webcams, smart phones and tablets as your security cameras. The service starts at only $1.50/month vs. other security services usually start at $30/month. CameraFTP is a subsidiary of DriveHQ.com. Based in Silicon Valley, DriveHQ is the first Enterprise Cloud IT service provider with over 2.5 million users.


  • Makes your webcam a network security camera;
  • Supports motion detection and motion recording;
  • Records images or videos to the cloud; intruders cannot delete your recorded footage;
  • Can record continuously;
  • Support front, back and external webcams;
  • Live view or playback from any devices or web browsers.

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25 November 2015

I was very excited to install this app and use the service. I was aware that there is a monthly charge to use the full service (recording and storing what was captured on video at higher resolutions, higher frame rate, etc.) and was pleased that the monthly rate was so low. To my dismay, the service was not even worth the low monthly rate. I installed it first on my tablet and the camera would record while I was testing it, but it would not work when I was not home. The program would shut down after I left it open, and I was careful to disable the option for my tablet to sleep after inactivity. I even installed it on my laptop with the same results. The program would shut down, and the motion detection would not work. I used the "lock by system" feature to no avail, which should allow the program to work even after locking the computer to prevent unauthorized access. It seems that a lot of work was put into this service, but I regret that it does not live up to my expectations.


10 September 2015

it works grest


7 September 2015

Not free, needs a signup, monthly charge. Rubbish.


28 June 2015

Don't like.


12 November 2014



6 November 2014

You DO advertise your app as free. Look just below where it says Install at the top of the page, it says Free. Then when I go to install it says Install your free app. I realize in your description it does say $1.50 per month but at the same time, it is listed as free. This app isn't worth the download. Extremely disappointing, especially since after giving my email address as required, I had to block emails from your company because they wouldn't stop. 73 emails in less then 3 minutes?? Come on... there's no reason for your company to send me 73 emails in 3 minutes..


8 October 2014

Purports to be a free app. Is not a free app.


19 July 2014

please cancel my account or better yet delete it and every thing tat comes with with it


16 July 2014

you have to sign up for this and pay to use it... its not really "Free" TINSTAAFL


12 July 2014

Its the most unreliable ip cam app out there I cant believe Windows Store let these people put this junk app on there.........THERE IS NO IP SETTINGS AND NOTHING TO CONNECT TO YOUR PHONE TO CHECK ANYTHING OUT WHAT KIND OF BS ARE THESE PPL PULLING "UNINSTALLED" DONT WASTE YOUR COMPUTER MEMORY AND YOUR TIME !!!!!!!!!

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