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    v1.3.1 • Fixed an issue with styling code appearing in articles • Upgraded the net code of the app to improve load times • Re-wrote the underlying comment code for performance • Various upgrades as part of ongoing universal platform work

Windows Central for Windows 8

The official Windows 8 app of windowscentral.com, your guide to everything your Windows device can offer. Read news, tips, comments, app & game reviews wherever you go. With live tile support, you can be up to date on the latest Microsoft & Windows news when pinned to your start screen. Not sure whether to spend your money on that latest game? Find the review on Windows Central, check out screenshots or watch the video review, then follow links to the marketplace from within the app to start the download. You can then jump straight back into Windows Central to keep up to date on the latest news about the platform, including what’s being announced for future updates.


  • Developed from the ground up for Windows 8.1
  • Read the latest news, reviews and tips from windowscentral.com
  • Swipe through articles and images in a print-like experience
  • Share articles through installed apps
  • Watch videos and follow links within Articles
  • View full screen images and save your favourite product shots to your picture library
  • Search the site directly from within the app
  • View and reply to comments in fully threaded format
  • Touch, Mouse and Keyboard friendly
  • Light and dark themes

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10 September 2015

Why on earth can't I view images just by tapping on them? It is utterly ridiculous that I have to go use a link post-article to view images. Unacceptable.


5 August 2015

No ability to up or down vote comments The writing quality on the site has been reduced to a few badly written puff pieces by a guy with a huge ego. A shame.


14 July 2015

Site takes marketing money from Microsoft and then defends every dumb thing they do. Just a cheerleader site with zero media cred. I've seen the unprofessional ego maniac editor brag repeatedly that he deletes site comments from people who don't agree with him. Really just a front to sell cheap phone screen protectors to people who haven't discovered Amazon/eBay.


3 July 2015

I love this app! I love it so much, I even bought the version on Windows Phone 8.1!!!


9 June 2015

This app is all over the place. It shows the news from the website, yes, but sometimes the articles are filled with code (recently fixed), and now none of the videos work. Better off just visiting the website.


3 May 2015

Good app


15 April 2015

it cannot keep track of where you have been when backing out of an article to the article list or for that matter the main page. always returned to the beginning. articles have a bunch of gibberish code at the end that makes you scroll and scroll to get to the next article.either way just bunch of needless swiping. swiping to next article doesn't work properly either. the article is half hidden, forcing you to swipe backwards to get to the beginning of it.


1 April 2015

Easy! Good app


30 March 2015

I've been using this app for quite some time and after a lengthy lack of updates, things have gotten seemingly bad. Now every article is ended with a splatter of code across each page. Not to mention the inconsistent refresh issues that plague this app, generating "Network not found" errors and the bugs that don't allow you to post comments, even though it used to a few weeks ago? Needs lots of help to be usable at this point.


27 March 2015

All the articles for me show up with the source code for the page displayed at the end of the article. Weird.

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